Writer's block?  


Sitting with my feet propped up in a VFW hall in Alcoa, Tennessee thumbtyping on my blackberry, I ponder that familiar scene of the author hunched over his typewriter staring blankly at a white sheet of paper. The paper peers back with the same empty gaze.

I am struck with the urge to create something....anything. Maybe I'll write. Or perhaps film something. I could edit some footage. Surely I'll be able to release this energy welling up inside.

Yet, I feel like I have nothing to say. Nothing is coming out. No inspiration comes. I labor on, but to what avail? A lousy blog entry? That's it? A pile of words warped into paragraph of meaningless meandering?

I remain frustrated.

My thumbs keep flying around the tiny keyboard, spewing out letter upon letter, with me a witness and watcher hoping for something with Spirit to materialize. Will it? Does it?

The space at the end of each paragraph taunts me at every turn. It seduces me to stare and wallow in her blankness. The empty page beneath my hollow words mocks me mercilessly.

Do I need to fill the entire screen with uninterrupted streams of run on sentences in an attempt to hide it away completly? Will I have to obscure every inch of this tiny screen to defeat the demon?


I welcome your empty inspiration. From nothing comes something. Without 'without' we wouldn't have 'with', would we? There would be no Mona Lisa without a blank canvas.

Have I killed the block? Maybe. I've at least subdued it. The itch has been scratched..... for now.

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Merry Christmas  


A quick greeting and simple wish for a blessed day for you all!

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Daily Greeting 12-23-07  


Daily Greeting 12-23-07
Video sent by iLiveInMyTruck

Ok... here's the video for today. I found a place to grab some free wifi from the Englewood, TN police dept, no less. Thanks!

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Daily Greeting  


Ok, so it's not *always* daily. But it's something. Not too much to report. I have a video) entry, but wasn't able to upload it yet.

so, here's some audio instead.

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Behind the VLOG  


Just a little view of me goofing around with my camera trying to film an update to http://www.iliveinmytruck.com/ from Nashville.

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I live in my truck dotcom daily greeting  


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King of the Road  


Woke up yesterday and felt like making a music video after getting the Roger Miller song stuck in my head.

Here's a little about my home, why I live in it, and of course, the obligatory cooking and/or eating shot. I seem to film this activity quite frequently. Some love the meal making and burrito magic, others couldn't care less.

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Artist Watch - Jan Willem Hament  


I met Jan Willem when visiting dutch artist friend Erik Van Loon in support of his Bike Lane Stars project.

Jan Willem showed me the fifty illustrations he created in one day.

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An Update from Nashville  


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Notes from Nashville  


I've been spoiled lately, staying in a hotel room donated to Uncovering America by the Rock Bottom Stables in Mount Juliet, TN. The weather is warm and sleeping in the truck would not have been a problem, but who can turn down such a kind offer? They have been very generous to all of us, taking us out to dinner several times as well.

Last night I started practicing my roping skills, throwing a rope at a set of plastic steer horns. The night before, I worked on riding a horse up next to a dummy steer being pulled at a steady pace by a four wheeler. Right now, I can't imagine combining the two skill sets to be able to ride and rope at the same time. I'm learning that it takes some real talent to be able to be a cowboy. I'd like to keep learning to ride and how to keep and care for a horse.

Blackie has been resting after pulling up lame with a slight limp a few days ago. We are just about to leave the hotel for the stables to put him out in a round pen and inspect his recovery from a pulled muscle. After that, Bill and I will scout the route for he and Blackie to ride through Nashville.

Tomorrow, a square dancing club is holding a fundraiser to help Uncovering America reach their final destination of Hendersonvile, NC which will take us all through a cold and possibly snowy trek through the Appalachian mountains.

So far, I really haven't spent any time in Nashville proper because we've been stationed about 25 miles east-north east from the city. Hopefully today and tomorrow will allow more time to explore.

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Stuck in the Black Rock Desert  


Be careful if you drive on the playa in the Black Rock Desert, especially if you see any signs of water on the surface.

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Nashville's Most Wanted Pizza  


Nashville's Most Wanted Pizza
207 Woodland St
Nashville, TN 37213
(615) 291-9583

(tell them you read about them on iliveinmytruck.com, they'll get a kick out of that!)

I drove ahead of the cowboy to scout out Nashville this afternoon. I dropped off some of his press releases to CBS, Fox and Nashville Public Radio. Bill and Brenda are 20 miles back in Pleasant View Tennessee finishing the day's ride and looking for a place to stay for the night.

When I was in Paonia Colorado in September I spent time socializing at Louie's pizza. I even washed dishes there for a night to pay my tab. That night I worked with a young girl named Abby. Louie's used to be called Pizza My Heart when operated by Abby's parents, the previous owners, Donna and Zach Mann.

Abby is now in Nashville and her parents run their recently opened Nashville's Most Wanted Pizza. It's perfectly located right across from LP Field, the home of the Tennessee Titans. Sunday game days are crazy busy. There is a home game this weekend, so their new business will be booming.

I've been here for an hour enjoying their company while I munch on Donna's delicious baked chicken wings. I ordered six each the Chipolte Diablo and the Sins of Memphisto. Crispy jumbo wings, the former with secret seasonings and a hot chipolte sauce and the latter with a Memphis style dry rub. They're fantastic!

I'll be around Music City for a several days soaking in the sights and sounds. The Mann's have a son, Travis who plays music, so I hope to catch another of his shows this weekend. I filmed him in Paonia. Maybe I will again, because last time he had a fill in guitar player. I look forward to hearing his regular lead picker.

Cowboy Bill has earned a night out on the town and some good Nashville rockabilly country could hit the spot!

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This one time....at Burning Man  


I still need to compile clips from the 10 days I spent out on the Black Rock Desert, but here's a little moment of mayhem I just came across...

I love America. God Bless the Constitution and the 2nd Amendment.

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Monday Re-brunch in Washington Heights  


Monday Re-brunch in Washington Heights

Hello from Manhattan, in the neighborhood of Washington Heights. I stop to re-enjoy my brunch from the Cowgirl Hall of Fame restaurant on Hudson St in the West Village.

mmmm mmmm good.

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Tater Tot Pizza  


UPDATE: March 19, 2008

I have been looking at my web stats and I find it so interesting that I get at least a half dozen people a week who are searching for tater tot pizza. Where is all this interest coming from? Why are you searching for tater tot pizza? Where did you hear about it? Please leave a comment.

The day breaks with a tasty feast featuring venison steak. The kill is courtesy of a local resident who bagged several deer so far this season with his Amish friends.

It was prepared with care by Brenda, Cowboy Bill's wife of 27 years. She makes eggs to order and serves us grits, skillet toast and tender grilled venison. This is a true breakfast of champions.

We spend the afternoon at an Amish farm taking care of Blackie's needs for hoof care and fresh shoes. The young men running the shoe shop bang out a set of horse shoes in a half hour. That's fast.

They work in the 12' by 12' one room shoe shed, akin to a little roadside barber shop. It has a woodstove, anvil, hitching rail and a rack of horse shoes. They can do two at a time in this meager space. And they do it all day long, six days a week for less than $40 a horse. That's cheap.

Bill does his own shoeing, expertly at that. The three chat and trade stories for an hour.

Later, the young boy cracks a bull whip in the air outside testing a fix he did to the whip while watching Bill work away.

He heads to the barn and mounts a rowdy mule. He breaks him, running in extremely tight circles around the barn. In a few minutes, he leads him out for a short jaunt down the dusty dirt road. He continues to use the whip to simulate gun shots, conditioning the mule for hunting excursions.

The one room schoolhouse on the hill overlooks the farm, just across the road. Children attend through the 8th grade. Then learn life by living it. It's a simple life. And a good one at that.

We all part company in the early aftenoon.

Now I sit at Chet's Pizza, typing my reflections of the day. A cold beer hits the spot. Chet is a Korean War vet and former Golden Glove boxer undefeated with fifteen of seventeen knockouts in his pro career. He makes his own Italian sausage and serves up tasty pies in a tiny Tennessee town.

His pizzas are layered so thick you need a fork lift to serve a large. Seriously, you could feed a farmload of Amish with these pies. I've never seen a pizza so thick.

I order it with his secret 14 spice sausage, jalapenos and green olives.

Chet asks me, "Did you want some tater tots on that?"

"Sure Chet,", I reply with gratitude, "I'd love some tater tots on my pizza".

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Finding the Beauty  


It's a sunny, crisp morning as I wake out of the back of the truck. I like that adjective for this sort of weather by the way..... 'crisp'.

I'm in the city park of Milan, Tennessee. The park employees, along with a fire department water truck, supervise the burning of a massive pile of orange, amber and yellow fall leaves. We were offered to use the shower here at the park office. It'll be nice to get refreshed and odor free.

Waiting my turn, I empty the pockets of my vest to find a small piece of clear beach glass. Someone gave this to me when I was in Marquette, MI last week. It was worn smooth on the shore of Lake Superior. Although it's just a broken chunk of discarded glass, it posesses a unique beauty akin to that of a snowflake. No two pieces of beach glass are the same, I would imagine. I explore the rounded edges and semi-smooth surfaces with my touch. The weathered chips and imperfections provide a fascinating feel to my fingertips.

It reminds me to always keep my perspective on the positive; to see the other point of view; to find the beauty in the simple things. It teaches me that even something that can cut and hurt me, over time, can bring a moment of wonder and joy.

Welcome the day with an open heart. Let it show you Her beauty. And if you can't see it at first glance, look closer.....it's always there.... inside you.

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Back in the Saddle Again  


After a long drive I arrive at the Gibson County Fairgrounds. Bill Inman and his wife Brenda are staying there with Blackie the Horse on their way across country. A few beers and some Maker's Mark and the stories start flowing freely. We stay awake late catching up before I finally crawl into the back of my pickup truck for a night's slumber.

I sit now at a mexican restaurant with Jonny, their son, who is traveling with them taking photos, video clips and maintaining their website, UncoveringAmerica.com We just had a beer and some chips while we use the neighboring hotels wifi. Soon, we will leave to enjoy a meal out with everyone else, courtesy of some locals who insisted on treating us while we are in their neck of the woods.

Video clips from New York sit waiting until I can fix my computer and get the virus' and malware off it. I will probably have to wipe out the hard drive and reinstall windows XP. Fun times...

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Tennessee Bound  


I cruise at 74 mph south on I-57 after two nights in Chicago. I am heading towards Dyersburg to meet up with Cowboy Bill Inman and the rest of the Uncovering America crew. That crew consisting of his wife Brenda, son Jonny and of course, Blackie the Horse. And let's not forget their dogs Queenie and Tiger. It's the whole fam damnily.

I wasn't able to film anything in Chicago. It was just a pit stop anyway. I spent time downloading footage from New York. I have lots to screen, edit and upload. Nothing to terribly exciting, but perhaps some short clips, montages and vingettes. We'll see what turns out.

Until my next downtime, I crank the stereo and keep Driving with Tennessee on down the horizon.

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Previously in Marquette  


A little slice of video from last fall in Marquette.

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When is it ok to eat roadkill?  


Do you have to be the one to have hit it to know the freshness? Or can you tell upon closer examination? Is roadkill always in season?

Earlier today while driving in the Upper Peninsula I saw a deer on the side of the road. A victim of hit and run.

What if I needed food? Could I use this meat? Although I've tasted venison before, I have never killed an animal on purpose. I've never even been hunting. It be tough to take my knife and carve myself some steaks. But, I figured I could manage the task if survival was my base instinct at this moment. It isn't.

As I continue south on I-43 out of Green Bay, Wisconsin I spot two men hunched over a carcass along the highway. They slice away fur and flesh in a frenzy. They nod and smile to eachother in the apparant glee of their meat harvesting ritual.

There has to be a cleaner, more easily harvested protein available other than road kill, don't you think?

Still, I suppose pounds of free deer meat would be a boon for many finders of such. Maybe we could package it up and send it to third world countries? Roadkill from American highways. It's what's for dinner.

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Why do I live in my truck  


It all started in March. I was living in New York City at the time and needed a change of pace. I decided to sublet the room in the artist loft I was sharing in the south Hell's Kitchen neighborhood of Manhattan. I jumped in the truck and started driving...... south..... to Florida.

My goal when leaving for the road was to find something to film. I've been wanting to make movies for years and finally decided to pursue it full force. A month or so into the trip I heard about a guy who wanted to ride his horse across America, documenting all the positive aspects of America that the major media doesn't always portray. Cowboy Bill Inman, would ride from town to town, in the rural areas of America, meeting people and writing about it on his website, UncoveringAmerica.com He was planning on taking off in June from Lebanon, Oregon riding to his wife's family in Hendersonville, North Carolina.

The whole idea struck a chord with me. I thought it would be a great way to see the country at a pace that would allow me to really soak in the scenery and people. So, I continued driving from Florida to Oregon to meet him. After spending a few days with him and his wife Brenda and son Jonny, I made the decision to jump into it. I flew back to New York, moved out, put my stuff in storage and invested everything I had into this project.

To keep my costs low and save as much money as I can for the production of my first documentary, I sleep in my truck instead of motels and hotels. After a little while, I really started to enjoy the freedom and independence of this way of life.

So, for the time being, while I continue filming the Uncovering American by Horseback venture, I will travel and live in my truck. When the trip across country is finishes sometime around January, I will make some decisions on where to go next. It would be best to find a comfortable place to review tapes, write and produce something from the hundreds of hours of footage I have accumulated. Maybe somewhere down in the Florida Keys would be comfortable. Or southern California perhaps? Or maybe back here in Marquette, Michigan. We'll see.

I do love life on the road, but at the same time... do love to have a place to call home. Maybe I'll get a motorhome eventually...but for now... I live life in my Chevy truck.

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Sometimes I feel guilty...  


I don't always have the time nor the ambition to write or edit video for this blog. I know that may seem strange, seeing as how I live in my truck, have no job and have all the time I want to do just about anything. You'd be surprised at how easily you can just do nothing, nothing but 'being'. However, the lack of steady, compelling content can weigh on my conscious. It doesn't really matter that much, I know, but I start to put pressure on myself to produce output. I wonder if anyone is waiting on me.

I still have some clips from burning man from months ago that I want to share. Like this meaningless moment.

But, I guess as I get more efficient at taping, editing and uploading the content will become more real time, if that matters. Plus, I am still dealing with the malicious software that has been reeking havoc on my laptop.

Creative bursts of energy happen from time to time and I will do my best to write when I feel connected to that source. Writing just to write isn't as rewarding as when you actually feel like writing. Does that make sense?


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The weather, it changes.  


Moments after I clicked send on my last entry, I drove through a mild patch of snow flurries.

Then, by the time I got to this paragraph, it is clear again.

That's what they say up here...

"Don't like the weather?
Wait 5 minutes. It'll change."

Me? I prefer snow, this time of year.

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In Da U.P.  


I cross the Mackinac bridge from the lower peninsula into clearer skies than down state.

I am welcomed by a Land of vast pine forests, endless shoreline, rapid rivers and kind, humble people.

3 more hours to go until I reach the northern harbor town of Marquette, the largest city in Michigan's untamed Upper Peninsula.

Marquette is a special place. It grew rapidly in the late 1800's when rich iron ore deposits were found in the regions. The town served as a port for shipping of the iron pellets. The ore was blasted into the steel used to fabricate in the industrial age and the automobile industry in particular. New York investors helped build this little city on the Great Lake of Superior.

Otto Preminger used the city and surrounding locales to film Jimmy Stewart, George C. Scott, Lee Remmick and Ben Gazara in his highly acclaimed picture, Anatomy of a Murder.

But, I'm not here to espouse history and odd trivia.

I just wanted to say, Welcome to Da U.P. eh!

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The Pleasure of Finding Things Out: Richard Feynman Interview (1981)  


Stumbled across this Richard Feynman interview months ago and have been meaning to share it. Let me know if it strikes a chord in you, like it did me.

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Into the Wild  


Should be in Detroit within the hour.

I'll be hosted by family this night. My sister Joana and her husband Jay, along with their newborn, Ava have welcomed me on my way up to Marquette, Michigan.

Tonight i'll probably sample some delicious Hungry Howie's Flavored Crust pizza. I used to operate a few locations. Although it proved to be a financial disaster, it didn't stop my love affair with this Midwest favorite. Why they aren't ten times bigger than dominos or papa johns is beyond me.

I'll drive north in the morning, up over the Mackinac bridge, into the wild upper peninsula of Michigan.

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Charlie Parker Plays Me Out  


730 am, I leave Manhattan.

A hot show from the Royal Roost 1945 on wkcr.

Drizzling rain coats my windshield as I speed on interstate 280 westward bound.

The weekend was a blast. I attented a birthday party at a performance/living space in an old commercial loft building in Brooklyn. A few hundred people, 2 bands, dj's and dancing till dawn. What could be better?

Well, perhaps steaming at the Russian & Turkish Baths? That tried and true tradition revived my body a little bit. Not to mention the extra days rest.

Heading to either Detroit or Chicago tonight.

More later....

Bye new york!

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The Return of Video??  


My original intention with this blog was to show video, not write so much. However, my camera has been in the shop... my laptop as a malicious virus on it that is affecting performance and the time to capture, edit and publish has been fleeting.

still...that's no excuse!

I have been shooting some in New York and will bring you a few random clips and highlights as soon as I can.

Stay tuned...

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Real New York Tours  


A friend called me the other day to catch up. He didn't know I was in town. When he found out I was sleeping in my truck, he insisted I stay at his place in Chinatown.

We met when he and I were both associated with an Off Broadway show called The Donkey Show. Well, I wasn't really associated, but my girlfriend at the time was one of the principal actors. And a fantastic one at that!

The show was an adaptation of A Midsummer Night's Dream set in a 70's disco club, with the actors and guests interacting and the characters performing to the music of the era. It was a ton of fun and had a long run for five years before being forced to change venues and take on a new producer.

She even suggested I fill in for the part of the DJ when they needed a last minute replacement. I was asked to learn the two speeches and also manage all the music queues for the show. She rehearsed me all the next morning and by that night, I was ready. I did have to keep my lines by the DJ mixer though. I was really nervous. But, they said I did a great job... and she was very proud. It was one of the most memorable experiences of my life. I would have continued in the role, but the show was shut down the next week due to an unsuccessful run by the new producer. I was the DJ in the very last Donkey Show. What an honor.

My friend Luke played in it, but acting is not his main gig. He and his buddy Richie crank out killer rock and roll in New York City. Their band, The Pale Moon Gang, plays balls out every chance they get. Try to see them if you can or check out their myspace page.

Luke's other profession is as a tour guide. He works for a small tour company, but also runs his own private tour business called Real New York Tours. I've only been on the tour through the company, but just from that experience, I can tell his private tours would be completely engrossing. He is a very engaging personality and has great pride in his hometown city of New York. I know you'd get so much more out of seeing the city with a guy like Luke than on some big red or gray tour bus. Look him up on his website next time you are in the city.

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Elizabeth Foundation for the Arts  


I stop to lean against a wall on west 39th on my way to pickup my laundry.

I just left a fantastic dual bill show of music/performance art organized by my friend Elaine at the EFA Gallery.

First up was Brian Dewan with an evening of words, music and pictures. He projected his filmstrips timed to music, with a booming announcer voice and the comical "beep" to queue the projectionist (also played by Brian).

The illustrations were a mixture of surrealism, cubism and Dewanism. His music compositions and words perfectly suiting the images and themes of each frame of the strip.

Not only did he rock out the A/V, he jammed out some amazing and moving melodies on keys, harpischord (I think) and accordian. He even had a little smidgen of mouth harp at the end of his set, pulling it out of his pocket as he was playing the accordian. It was if he was breathing the chords deeply as he held it between his pursed lips, with no harmonica holder. I found myself inhaling and exhaling in time.

Brian's show was great. Just great. Period.

I don't pretend to be an art critic, but am an art appreciator and enthusiast, if that makes sense. Flowing paragraphs of words to describe all that Brian put forth would only do injustice. Just go see him perform or check out his myspace page.

After a short break we were treated to the delightful, mesmerising and beautifully voiced Natalie performing as Unicornicopia.

It felt deeply personal at times. Like we got a glimpse into a private playland of music, mischief and marvelous mayhem.

The set decore was pink, silver and strewn with mirrors. Natalie's
smile was radiant and her eyes shining light to each of us as she danced and played for an enthusiastic audience. Looping samples, playing keys, and booming out sweet song, Unicornicopia soared my spirit.

There were moments that were magical, such as the opening of the window at a dramatic change in a song. The wind whipped the silver streamers off the wall as they danced around Natalie's long hair, adding their own pulses to the creative energy flowing through he room. She gazed out the window as if in awe of the moment we were sharing.

Simply endearing and a wonderful performance to send me out into the city for the night. It was sampletastic and quite a tasty treat for the ears, sight and soul.

Great job to Brian, Unicornicopia and Elaine for the evening of entertainment.

So, back to laundry....

The guy who runs the shop didn't recognize me at first with the longer hair and beard. He asked regarding the documentary project I am solo shooting about Bill Inman and his Uncovering America by Horseback adventure. We got to chatting so much I didn't remember if he handed me back the change from my $20.

We both laughed about it as he gave me what may have been another $10.25. He said even if it was extra change, that he likes documentaries and hopes I can make something from all my work, so I should keep it, just to be sure.

I told him that when I screen it in New York, that I'll buy his ticket. No ticket, no movie! [couldn't resist, sorry]. He deemed it a fair trade.

So, after sitting on my bag of laundry on the curb of 9th avenue, I will gleefully skip back to the truck with my cleaned and folded laundry. Now I actually have to skip just because I said so. If I had my camera I would film it for you to prove it.

Oh, and my laundry only set me back $9.75. Or maybe I made .50 cents on the transaction. Who knows?

Either way, no more stinky clothes.

P.S. I did just skip down 39th street singing aloud:

"I skip, I skip, I gleefully skip. I skip right down the street tonight.

I skip, I skip, I gleefully skip and now the skipping's done."

The End

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Fender Bender  


Bent it? Hell, I took it right off. Not mine, but the other guys.

I had pulled in quickly past a parked car and cut it too close. Side of my truck took out his front bumper.

The owner came outside and I presented him with all my info, but he wanted to call the police to file the report instead of just filling it out himself at the precinct later, which most people do if there is not arguement of fault.

Luckily I wasn't drunk. And they did make me blow into a breath thingy, trying to get me.

Besides all the wasted time, I also received two summons for expired proof of insurance and expired registration. I do have valid insurance and my truck is properly registered, I just didn't have the paperwork.

The young officer's hands were visibly shaking as he handed me the tickets and explained how I can get them dismissed. Not sure why he was so nervous.

When I finally got finished with the ordeal I was famished. I drove to 11th st and avenue B to park, then walked to avenue A for some pizza.

There was a crew filming a movie called called Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist. They had a car rigged up on a trailer to simulate the actors driving. I recognized the one kid as the actor who played George Michael Jr on Arrested Development. Great show and he was very good in it. Hope he does well with this new film.

Ok, time to finally watch a little Californication before climbing in the back for another nights rest.

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The Delancey  


Been at the bar since just after 6. It's a "burning man" happy hour. I met a bunch of great new people. Was invited to dinner by a cool couple who live out in Red Hook Brooklyn. If I move back to this city, I'd like to check out that area.

Also bumped into the lead singer a band a filmed at the Bman decompression event. This was a good thing, because I wanted to get them the footage. They are called Whiskey and Whores. My kind of party!

It was my first time at the Burn this year. I am yet to write about then experience, but I can say that I felt quite at home. People who attend are very real and open and trusting. It's like one big happy yet dysfunctional familly.

So, I sit at The Delancey, sipping my Stella Artois contemplating my next move. I am parked around then corner. Although I'd like to get online, I really don't think it wise to drive around trying to find a wifi. Too much time and then to find parking.

I think I'll hunt for some food on foot, watch another downloaded episode of Californication and then call it a night.

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It's 1am, do you know where your sushi is?  


Craving time. Pulled over on 32nd between broadway and 5th ave.

Koreatown. 24 hour sushi.

Kinda like heaven....

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Joe Strummer  


I sit in the IFC Center movie theater in the village, NYC.

I just saw the documentary, Joe Strummer: The Future is Unwritten, about the Clash's front man. Amazing film. Even more amazing man.

His philosophy and mythology resonates deeply with me: The struggles for free humanity; the joy of being alive; the appreciation and gratitude for just being; the drive to create; the pleasure of meeting people and helping them out or making them feel good.

He said when you feel down walking the city, just realize that we are all alive *right now* and anything is possible and can happen in the next second. People can do anything! We can do anything.

I hope you get a chance to see this film. I am not doing it justice in this blurb. I want to see it again, actually.

Now, to figure out where I'll sleep tonight.....

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Fancy French Cheese  


Sitting quite comfortably on soft sofa in a delightfully decorated east side apartment on 14th street.

My host is from England and her boyfriend from France. We met in a pub around the corner from where I last slept in my truck. I was graciosly permitted to enjoy not only a hot shower and a surf on the couch, Z prepared a lovely meal of chicken and roast potatoes.

Before dinner she offered me some cheese but warned me that it was a bit stinky. I found it quite delicious. I was advised to allow it to get to room temperature in order to allow for the proper consistancy.

Fancy. But it was worth the wait.

Thank you!!

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Magnolia Cupcakes  


Almost anytime I drive down Bleecker street there is a huge line out the door and around the corner of the Magnolia Bakery.

Once, there wasn't a line so I pulled over and decided to taste what all the hype was about. Half a cupcake later, I wasn't impressed. In fact, I thought it awful.

Maybe I am missing something? Is it primarilly popular due to appearances on Sex and the City? Perhaps they have other baked goods that would knock my socks off?

Still, my favorite cupcakes are in my old neighborhood. The rich butter creme of the recently relocated 39th st bakery are a joy to taste as much as they are to see, with lovely flower decorations. For standard sugar frosting, it's Burger's and Cupcakes.

But if you want to stand out in the cold, be my guest.

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Fifth Night on the Street  


It's 4:20am. Late night. Time to hit the sheets.

I ended up on the lower east side, below Houston street and east of Avenue B. I type this from my phone because I wasn't lucky enough to find wi-fi in the area I parked.

It's 33 degrees.

Luckily, I had someone gift me a sleeping bag when I was in Colorado. Now I have two warm bags. That extra layer comes in handy, especially since I typically retire for the evening without any top clothes. It's just more comfortable that way.

My first night on the street was on John street in Dumbo Brooklyn, right at the base of the Manhattan bridge. Noisy with trains all night long. But a great view of the skyline and downtown bridges.

The next was on the Manhattan side of the bridge in Chinatown. At 3am, I took a walk to the store for some water and noticed that a nearby car had it's window smashed, presumably as part of a theft.

Thursday I bunked down again in Chinatown, but in a well lit area. Also had my back curtains that night, so I was able to sleep in a bit easier, but still had some problems with noisy traffic in the morning.

Friday found me tucked on what I thought would be a quiet street. It was the area of 21st street that goes the opposite direction of the usual flow of 21st, way west between 11th and 12th avenues. I remembered that spot because a former girlfriend used to rock out killer performances in an off-Broadway show in the now defunct venue where I parked.

The next morning, on Saturday, there were bustling art gallery patrons in and out of cabs and cars for hours. Luckily I had purchased earplugs earlier and was able to block out most background noise.

Tomorrow? Not sure where I will land. I was thinking of parking out near the ocean for a change of pace. Far Rockaway is about the closest beach to the city. I think a night or two with some quiet and some waves will be soothing, don't you?

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Born to Drive  


A taxi makes a bold u-turn in front of a bus as I dart out 147th in time to make the light.

I 'Bullit' down Broadway after visiting a friend in Harlem. It's midnight. A distant sea of green lights leads me downtown.

We all drive a little McQueen-ish in this town. And I love it. This is the City for which I was born to drive. In fact, I do while I type this...steering with my knee.

It is all about space here; apartment size, parking, and road real estate. If you want to go somewhere on these streets you'd better move ahead when the opportunity is present.

Darting and dashing from lane to lane is predicated by your awareness of all things mobile. Understanding and anticipating turning taxis, careening cabs and crossing pedestrians goes a long way towards an unimpeded path downtown.

I drive on... now, with both hands instead of none.

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Curtains make it a home  


Because, without them... it's just a windowed box.

The last couple days have been spent hauling crates of dvds and records to shops around the city, trying to sell off unused media from my collections.

The shedding of material goods is a mixed emotion process The attachment can be strong. The memories of a record spun or a movie watched make me want to keep them for some future time.

However, I would rather they be in the hands of someone who will use them in the present, then for me to retain them for the future. So, I schlep them from store to store getting a few dollars for each DVD and much less for the vinyl. Regardless, we all had good times together. Good times.

I also found the black table skirting that I used for my DJ booth back in the day. It was a really good investment for me. Not only did the heavy duty clips attach to the DJ table securely for years, they also clip perfectly to the inside of my cap on the back end of my pickup. So, now I have curtains where sleep.

What a difference! I feel so much more at home sleeping in the back of the truck than I ever have before.

Serene, cozy, darkened and delightful. No more windowed box.

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Travelin Thru  


Meet William, Susie and Tucky the Dog as I give them a lift from Columbia, Missouri to Allentown, Pennsylvania.

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East Village Breakfast  


I am leaning against a half brick wall soaking in the morning sun at the corner of East 7th St and 1st Avenue in New York's East Village.

It's a crisp fall morning. The air has a definite chill, but the sunlight still warms this old soul. It feels like a start of a glorious day!

I slept in my truck last night underneath the Manhattan Bridge in the neighborhood of Brooklyn referred to as Dumbo. I stayed up a little late watching the Showtime series, Californication. I could have used a little more sleep, but got myself up around the time that the parking violations would be in effect for the block of John St on which I was parked. The last thing I need now is a ticket.

I am going to the New York Public Library today to see about editing and uploading some video from the last week. Also, my computer may have some malware on it and I'll need to figure out how to cure it.

I am also in process of liquidating many of the mounds of junk I have stored here in Manhattan. I sold a couple hundred 12" dance records from my DJ days. I still have 700+ left. Not sure what do do with them.

I also sold about 50 of the nearly 800 DVDs in my collection. I will try to pare down to my favorite 200 films and sell the rest. That'll help me raise funds to get my camera cleaned, buy tapes and fill my gas tank.

Later tonight I am thinking about steaming away my cares at the Russian spa on East 10th st. Good old fashioned heat. I love it!

Ok.... Off to enjoy the day. Hope you have a wonderful one yourself!

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Dumbo, Brooklyn  


Good Morning!

Although my primary intention is to use video to express myself in this blog, I recognize that my throughput ratio of footage shot to footage edited is slower than I like. So, why not write a little too!?

I've been in New York for 5 days. So far, I have had a bed or a couch each day. Last night, a new friend from the Burning Man Decom event gifted me a shower and a bed. I had helped to transport supplies for the party. I was telling him about my blog and living in the truck, and he offered instantly.

His space is in a funky old warhouse bulding right beneath the Manhattan Bridge. From the windows in his living room I could see the Brooklyn Bridge and all of lower Manhattan lit up with bright city lights. It is a gorgeous view!

I really enjoyed meeting Kevin. He's a cool cat. A very lovely man. I look forward to visiting his Gnome Camp next year at Burning Man.

I didn't get as much sleep as I wanted. I was up late visiting with my friend and artist Erik Van Loon from Rotterdam. He was in town with his friend and fellow countryman Jan Willem Hament.

Jan and I hit it off instantly and became good friends right away. I filmed him showing me the 50+ drawings he made in one day. He even gave one of them to me. How generous! He also made some 'iliveinmytruck.com' signs for me. And he invited me to come stay with him in rotterdam anytime I like. I also extend the same invitation to stay in my truck. (ha!)

Today I am helping move a dresser for somebody on craigslist. That'll net me $100 for my time. I also need to chip away at that storage unit. Too much junk!

Have a great day and I hope to see you soon!


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OK... maybe I was hard on myself  


I mean... who cares if I don't always have the most fascinating things to share? Right? I shouldn't be so hard on myself.

Anyway... I have to catch up on editing (as usual!). I have some footage of the young couple I drove to Pennsylvania. I have a few hightlights from the Burning Man NYC Decom, along with a little video entry for today.

I also need to go do some pickups with my truck to earn a little money. Need to pay the cell phone bill too. And go thru storage. Whew.. I better get to work...

see ya later

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Bike Lane Stars  


My Dutch artist friend, Erik Van loon (from Rotterdam) with one of his projects to commemorate bicycle riders who have been killed in traffic.

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This blog bores me sometimes  



beef it up. say something.. SOMETHING. ANYTHING.


- me

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Back in the New York Groove  


I Live In My Truck Dot Com 2007-11-02 - The best bloopers are a click away

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Previously in New York  


Haven't been here for a while...

Bittersweet for reasons to me, yet always new and re-inventing itself.

Here's an old clip form last Christmas.

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Almost there.....  


Good Morning.

I will be in Manhattan a couple hours after dropping them off in Harrisburg, PA.

We slept last night at a rest area off the Pennsylvania turnpike. More like the Penna TurnPUKE than, "turnpike" because their dog Tucky threw up this morning. Luckily, they were able to open the truck door to allow the her to expel on the parking lot and not my floor.

Hopefully Tucky will feel better now that she got rid off that belly full of junk food they let her eat.

Ok... Time to keep rollin' on.....

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The Drive Continues....  


St. Louis, MO - After a decent sleep, I awake to the sun rising over the fringe of the walmart parking lot.

William has already been out sitting with his dog and his "Traveling Thru...Anything Helps" cardboard sign.

He is positioned fifty yards from where we all slept, convenient to the drivers exiting the neighboring McDonalds.

The American people overflowed with generosity this morning. The total of their giving is $79.50 within a couple hours.

The most surprising contribution to their travel fund came from another street person, who must have been up on their luck. He bought them a meal and handed out $10!

Another kind soul donated a bag of food for the dog, a bowl and some rawhide chews.

Speaking of chewing... after I cook my fried polenta and egg burrito, we hit the road again.....

[video to follow once I get wifi and a chance to edit]

<sent from blackberry phone>

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Driving to NYC  


I am sending this entry from my blackberry as I drive on I-70 in St Louis. It's 2:30am.

I picked up a couple riders from craigslist. Three to be exact, counting their dog Tucky.

They don't have much money for gas, but intend to pay their share of it to get to Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. To obtain money, they ask for handouts at Wal-Mart.

Susie sleeps in the passenger seat. She looked really tired when I picked them up in Columbia, Missouri. William is with Tucky in the back seat. They must be about 20 years old.

I will get them as far as I can, as safely and comfortable as possible.

We will pull into the Wal-Mart in St. Ann, MO to sleep in ten minutes.

To be continued....

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Last update from Wichita  


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Wichita, still....  


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Got cut short by a dog and a dead battery... more to come

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Meeting up with UncoveringAmerica.com  


See their blog at UncoveringAmerica.com

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Time to get out of Dodge  


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In Kansas  


OK... I've finally left the Rocky Mountains. Making my way east to catch up with Bill Inman and Uncovering America.

I had somebody submit a donation to fund my documentary work and travels. Thank you! I am VERY grateful for the generosity and kindness. Eventually, I will actually make a living shooting video...

I don't always have internet access, so I am not always in a position to update or load videos. But I will get more up soon.

- Dallas

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Leaving Paonia (Part 1)  


Link: sevenload.com

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Daily Blah  


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The Daily Blah  


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Video Backlog  


I guess I am having too much fun to sit and compile the clips I've been shooting over the last month. Well....that or maybe some of my usual procrastination. By the way, there are some friends that have been waiting years for footage of some music events that we shared together. Eventually...you'll see it. I promise.

While I do have a video backlog, I will still put up some fresh videos every other day or so.... or at least when I change locations.

Now, to this point, this vlog has been shot with a little 4.0 megapixel Minolta camera with video capture mode. Sure, it's low res, small lens and I can't really get too creative shooting with it. But, it's fairly quick, extremely portable and simple to grab the clips off the memory card.

Normally, I document with a Panasonic DVX100a. For those that don't speak geeky model numbers, it's just a high end digital video camera. It's good for filmmaking as it shoots at the same 24 frame per second rate as traditional film. It's not HD, but I like the look it gives.

My dvx has been through so much on this journey; submerged in a river, filled with playa dust from windstorms in the black rock desert, dropped off the roof of a truck and currently has the tripod mount broken... which sucks.

I'm sure I will be upgrading eventually and acquiring some equipment to help me produce on the road more easily ("more easily"...is that proper grammar?). I'd love to get some portable direct-to-disk capture hard drives. I would be able to shoot right to a device that attaches to the camera, eliminating the need to shoot on tape and capture footage, etc. I could then just shoot, dock to the laptop, drag and drop and edit.

OK... enough of this talk.

I have been sitting at Louie's pizza on Grand st in Paonia for happy hour, typing away off the library wireless across the street. Some new friends are having a birthday party and jam session later soon, so I am gonna finish up my pizza (mini beef, feta, black olive and jalapeno) and get movin' on.

Blah at ya later...


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The Daily Blah  


I think I need to actually say something of interest instead of "here I am in Denver waking up, blah, blah, blah..."

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I live in a train  


OK... Here's the deal...

I have two streams of video clips going now
- the daily (or nearly daily) update or whatever I am calling it PLUS
- older clips I've shot that I am splicing together

Here's one of the latter. This is the night after I let the dog bite on my arm (which reminds me, I need to re-edit that one).

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Hello from Wondervu  


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Uncovering America by Horseback  


Today I spent the afternoon and rest of the daylight with Bill, Brenda, Jonny and Blackie the Horse from Uncovering America by Horseback. They are also traveling with their dogs Millie, Tiger and Queenie. We shared stories, drank beers and shot arrows. Not all in that order.

I was on the road with them from June 2nd until I took a break to go to Burning Man at the end of August. I need to take care of a few more things here in Denver and will join them on the road in a couple weeks.

The Uncovering America mission is to rediscover and record on their website all the wonderful aspects of American life. From the small rural communities, to the open range and wilderness, they travel and update their website with pictures and stories about the people they meet and places they visit.

I am traveling with to film the adventure for a potential documentary or travel series of sorts...

It was great to see everyone. They look in good spirits, healthy and happy. However, there is still a financial strain on the team... as they really don't have the funding to make the trip. However, thanks the overwhelming kindness and generosity of the American people, they have made it this far. People donate hay, feed, water, showers, hotel rooms, meals and companionship to the team as they move from town to town at the pace of a horse...namely, Blackie.

It has been a fascinating discovery and journey into the heart of America.

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Quick Hello  


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It's a BLOG as well as a VLOG  


Originally, I intended to only produce video entries and have this be a Video blog or VLOG... but I think I need to write as well....so straight blogging it is.

I do have some more footage up through burning man and a couple clips from San Francisco. However, I did leave my digi cam charger in SF. I had my cousin send it to me and I should get it in a day or two. I have been without it for a week and unable to compile footage of my travels thru Nevada to the western slope of Colorado.

tonight, I am sitting in my truck in downtown Paonia, Colorado. This little town is in the heart of the north fork valley. that's the north fork of the Gunnison river. This place has such an amazing energy to it... very fertile, alive, giving, comforting... hard to describe.

I've been here about a week. The local people I have met have taken me in to their community so quickly... it really feels great! In fact, it looks like I might actually get some work at the local pizza shop in trade for some food and drink while I am here. How cool is that !?!

This weekend is their Harvest Festival. It was HIGHLY suggested that I stick around for the festivities. Four bands in four venues, all night saturday... full moon tonight leading into the weekend... beer, music, food...OK...twist my arm.

Within a week I should be over the rockies and catching up with the Uncovering America by Horseback crew. They are heading south from cheyenne down east of denver.

I am surfing off the wireless of the Paonia library and just about ready to call it a night and drive out to a little section of public land to call it a night.

More later...

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Episode 6? Dog bites Man  


First of all, I need to re-edit this video. Somehow, it has a bunch of double audio glitches. But I wanted to get it up here anyway for now. Also, I am getting tired of calling these episodes and keeping track what number is next. From now on, just little clip edits and that's it.... whatever, right?

Here, I stop in Cokeville, WY at the home of the John and Celeste Jackman. They were gracious and generous hosts. Yummy chocolate chip cookies too!

John, a local deputy, let his K9 dog eat my arm.

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Episode 5 - Building Burritos  


Eating on the road can be cheap, fairly quick and rewardingly delicious. Black bean burritos with kiwi habanero guacamole is one of my favorites.

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Episode 4 - Searching for a Hot Spring  


One of my favorite things to do is find a pristine, steaming hot spring to soak my cares away. Here I am in eastern Idaho doing a little search for some GPS coordinates from idahohotsprings.com to find a supposed hot spring in the area.

This one was not so great.

Link: sevenload.com

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Back in civilization  


Hi.....I've been behind on updates because I haven't had internet access for a week. I wanted this to be as close to real time as possible, but now I will need to play catch up.

I'm just got off the playa at burning man Friday. Crashed in Reno for a night, then to South Lake Tahoe to clean out the back of my truck. Wow... the dust! I just got into Berkeley last night and crashed with some new friends. Now I am in San Francisco at my cousin Paul's. Check out his film, Bus Trip. Within a couple weeks I will meet back up with the Uncovering America team.

Meanwhile, I still need to spit out some old clips from Idaho and Wyoming. Nothing as exciting as burning man, but still... if you want to see me make a burrito and my favorite guacamole, then stay tuned!

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People I meet: Robert Blackgoat  


Forgive the overexposure... it was a little dark and backlit, so I had to pump up the light.

This is a little interaction with a guy visiting the area who I befriended for a short time. He told me that he helped as a storyboard artist on a 1979 film called Black Stallion. I added his credit to the Internet Movie Data Base (IMDB)

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Episode 3 - Groceries  


WARNING: Boring, with a capital B... but, hey... who cares?

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Episode 2 - Lava Hot Springs  


My new favorite place is Lava Hot Springs Idaho. I have so much fun floating on, swimming in and soaking next to the Portneuf river. It's a quiet little town that comes alive in the summers and on the weekends, catering to travelers looking to soak away their cares in mineral rich thermals springs that bubble up from under the ancient lava flows.

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Episode 1 - What is this VLOG?  


Well, this is not so much an episode as a continuation of the footage I shot after my "welcome" intro post. I haven't yet come up with a format for what these posts or clips will look like, contain or feature. But, for now... it is what it is.

I've been living in this truck since mid March of this year. I am traveling across the country filming a documentary about a guy riding his horse across America (see uncoveringamerica.com)

Stay tuned!

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iLiveInMyTruck.com Launched!  


OK.... So here I am... I have a VLOG now... that's a Video Blog. And a word that still sounds weird to pronounce.

Anyway, it's all so exciting isn't it? We'll see. Stay tuned....

Here is the first clip I made to launch the site and I have dozens more piling up that I need to upload...

Feel free to comment or ask any questions.

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