Finding the Beauty  


It's a sunny, crisp morning as I wake out of the back of the truck. I like that adjective for this sort of weather by the way..... 'crisp'.

I'm in the city park of Milan, Tennessee. The park employees, along with a fire department water truck, supervise the burning of a massive pile of orange, amber and yellow fall leaves. We were offered to use the shower here at the park office. It'll be nice to get refreshed and odor free.

Waiting my turn, I empty the pockets of my vest to find a small piece of clear beach glass. Someone gave this to me when I was in Marquette, MI last week. It was worn smooth on the shore of Lake Superior. Although it's just a broken chunk of discarded glass, it posesses a unique beauty akin to that of a snowflake. No two pieces of beach glass are the same, I would imagine. I explore the rounded edges and semi-smooth surfaces with my touch. The weathered chips and imperfections provide a fascinating feel to my fingertips.

It reminds me to always keep my perspective on the positive; to see the other point of view; to find the beauty in the simple things. It teaches me that even something that can cut and hurt me, over time, can bring a moment of wonder and joy.

Welcome the day with an open heart. Let it show you Her beauty. And if you can't see it at first glance, look's always there.... inside you.

What next?

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