In Da U.P.  


I cross the Mackinac bridge from the lower peninsula into clearer skies than down state.

I am welcomed by a Land of vast pine forests, endless shoreline, rapid rivers and kind, humble people.

3 more hours to go until I reach the northern harbor town of Marquette, the largest city in Michigan's untamed Upper Peninsula.

Marquette is a special place. It grew rapidly in the late 1800's when rich iron ore deposits were found in the regions. The town served as a port for shipping of the iron pellets. The ore was blasted into the steel used to fabricate in the industrial age and the automobile industry in particular. New York investors helped build this little city on the Great Lake of Superior.

Otto Preminger used the city and surrounding locales to film Jimmy Stewart, George C. Scott, Lee Remmick and Ben Gazara in his highly acclaimed picture, Anatomy of a Murder.

But, I'm not here to espouse history and odd trivia.

I just wanted to say, Welcome to Da U.P. eh!

What next?

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