Episode 3 - Groceries  


WARNING: Boring, with a capital B... but, hey... who cares?

What next?

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2 comments: to “ Episode 3 - Groceries

  • 12/12/07, 3:42 PM  

    Why the rice milk if you eat cheese? Is it one of the soy or rice cheeses? I myself use rice milk because I have MS and am on a self imposed strict diet. I avoid dairy, gluten, nightshades, corn, salicylates and sugar. Stevia is the only sweetener I use.
    I enjoy your clips on uncoveringamerica.com, especially "Breakfast with Blackie", which I wish there were more of. I'd really like to see more of the people you guys meet along the way. I always find myself wanting more.

  • 12/20/07, 9:13 AM  

    Your guacamole looks good. You should post the recipe.