Nashville's Most Wanted Pizza  


Nashville's Most Wanted Pizza
207 Woodland St
Nashville, TN 37213
(615) 291-9583

(tell them you read about them on, they'll get a kick out of that!)

I drove ahead of the cowboy to scout out Nashville this afternoon. I dropped off some of his press releases to CBS, Fox and Nashville Public Radio. Bill and Brenda are 20 miles back in Pleasant View Tennessee finishing the day's ride and looking for a place to stay for the night.

When I was in Paonia Colorado in September I spent time socializing at Louie's pizza. I even washed dishes there for a night to pay my tab. That night I worked with a young girl named Abby. Louie's used to be called Pizza My Heart when operated by Abby's parents, the previous owners, Donna and Zach Mann.

Abby is now in Nashville and her parents run their recently opened Nashville's Most Wanted Pizza. It's perfectly located right across from LP Field, the home of the Tennessee Titans. Sunday game days are crazy busy. There is a home game this weekend, so their new business will be booming.

I've been here for an hour enjoying their company while I munch on Donna's delicious baked chicken wings. I ordered six each the Chipolte Diablo and the Sins of Memphisto. Crispy jumbo wings, the former with secret seasonings and a hot chipolte sauce and the latter with a Memphis style dry rub. They're fantastic!

I'll be around Music City for a several days soaking in the sights and sounds. The Mann's have a son, Travis who plays music, so I hope to catch another of his shows this weekend. I filmed him in Paonia. Maybe I will again, because last time he had a fill in guitar player. I look forward to hearing his regular lead picker.

Cowboy Bill has earned a night out on the town and some good Nashville rockabilly country could hit the spot!

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