Time, Time, Time  


Another week flies by...

Bonnaroo was amazing! Might be heading to Burlington, VT for a spell. Need to hook back up with The Unbearable Light and screen the 20+ hours of footage from their weekend at Bonnaroo. Here's a little article that's related.

Meanwhile, in NYC it's the Mermaid parade on Saturday and the after party, Seaman and Whores.

Stay tuned....

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Bonnaroo Begins  


I've been camping for two days with a group of vaudevillian entertainers who are having me document their trip, camping, creative preparations, act development and performances.

I've always wanted to attend this mammoth music fest that takes place here in Manchester, TN. And now, not only do I get in for free, I get fed and paid. It all came together last minute on Sunday night. Luckily, my schedule was free and we were able to jump on the road the next morning.

The main hours of performance for the troupe are Midnight to 4am, which leaves plenty of time for me to catch all the other acts filling the stages for the 90,000 people who will camp out for 4 days.

Life is an adventure. Follow it to where it leads and keep coming back for more!


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Wherever I may roam  


I feel like I am neglecting anyone that reads this blog. What is my excuse for not producing some video, or telling some stories and sharing experiences? Sure, we're all busy. And the process of moving in, meeting new people & having adventures can take time and energy. But still... how hard is it to write? I guess I can see why mothers say things like, "You should call more often."

There is so much going on that I don't know where to begin. I am looking at options to rent and develop the 3rd floor the building in brooklyn in which I live now. I would love to help continue it as a thriving community of artists. It's truly magical there. And the earning potential on the space and rooftop is enormous enough to support the continued development of the building.

I'm also going to talk to one of my roommates about the possibility of collaborating on version 2.0 of NYpickup.com It's time to take this successful small business to the next level.

I've met someone who wants to examine the Uncovering America by Horseback footage I shot last summer. She and I will screen tapes and discuss editing options, which is one of her specialties.

Today I went to Material for the Arts to help my friend Miss C Spot gather some supplies for her fairy brigade craft making session. All the material is donated and you can come and stock up on anything and everything. We even picked up an industrial sewing machine, embroidery machine and some cool portable light boxes. It's a candy store for artists and creatively minded people. Drool.

I am designing changes to my truck to make it into a pimped out art mobile for burning man this year. My overall dream is to broadcast from it, have DJs spin on it, allow it to be rigged for arial artists, project video, make margaritas and server guacamole. Oh and allow me to sleep, shower and shave while I travel the country in my kooky style.

What else...what else. It's all good. Things are manifesting all around me... when it rains, it pours. Lots of good things are popping up around every corner. No need to worry because everything I need seems to be provided just when I need it. It allows me to further my mission of spreading goodness wherever I may roam.

I hope I see you soon, or a little further on down the road.

More later....

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