Why do I live in my truck  


It all started in March. I was living in New York City at the time and needed a change of pace. I decided to sublet the room in the artist loft I was sharing in the south Hell's Kitchen neighborhood of Manhattan. I jumped in the truck and started driving...... south..... to Florida.

My goal when leaving for the road was to find something to film. I've been wanting to make movies for years and finally decided to pursue it full force. A month or so into the trip I heard about a guy who wanted to ride his horse across America, documenting all the positive aspects of America that the major media doesn't always portray. Cowboy Bill Inman, would ride from town to town, in the rural areas of America, meeting people and writing about it on his website, UncoveringAmerica.com He was planning on taking off in June from Lebanon, Oregon riding to his wife's family in Hendersonville, North Carolina.

The whole idea struck a chord with me. I thought it would be a great way to see the country at a pace that would allow me to really soak in the scenery and people. So, I continued driving from Florida to Oregon to meet him. After spending a few days with him and his wife Brenda and son Jonny, I made the decision to jump into it. I flew back to New York, moved out, put my stuff in storage and invested everything I had into this project.

To keep my costs low and save as much money as I can for the production of my first documentary, I sleep in my truck instead of motels and hotels. After a little while, I really started to enjoy the freedom and independence of this way of life.

So, for the time being, while I continue filming the Uncovering American by Horseback venture, I will travel and live in my truck. When the trip across country is finishes sometime around January, I will make some decisions on where to go next. It would be best to find a comfortable place to review tapes, write and produce something from the hundreds of hours of footage I have accumulated. Maybe somewhere down in the Florida Keys would be comfortable. Or southern California perhaps? Or maybe back here in Marquette, Michigan. We'll see.

I do love life on the road, but at the same time... do love to have a place to call home. Maybe I'll get a motorhome eventually...but for now... I live life in my Chevy truck.

What next?

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