Sometimes I feel guilty...  


I don't always have the time nor the ambition to write or edit video for this blog. I know that may seem strange, seeing as how I live in my truck, have no job and have all the time I want to do just about anything. You'd be surprised at how easily you can just do nothing, nothing but 'being'. However, the lack of steady, compelling content can weigh on my conscious. It doesn't really matter that much, I know, but I start to put pressure on myself to produce output. I wonder if anyone is waiting on me.

I still have some clips from burning man from months ago that I want to share. Like this meaningless moment.

But, I guess as I get more efficient at taping, editing and uploading the content will become more real time, if that matters. Plus, I am still dealing with the malicious software that has been reeking havoc on my laptop.

Creative bursts of energy happen from time to time and I will do my best to write when I feel connected to that source. Writing just to write isn't as rewarding as when you actually feel like writing. Does that make sense?


What next?

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