Uncovering America by Horseback  


Today I spent the afternoon and rest of the daylight with Bill, Brenda, Jonny and Blackie the Horse from Uncovering America by Horseback. They are also traveling with their dogs Millie, Tiger and Queenie. We shared stories, drank beers and shot arrows. Not all in that order.

I was on the road with them from June 2nd until I took a break to go to Burning Man at the end of August. I need to take care of a few more things here in Denver and will join them on the road in a couple weeks.

The Uncovering America mission is to rediscover and record on their website all the wonderful aspects of American life. From the small rural communities, to the open range and wilderness, they travel and update their website with pictures and stories about the people they meet and places they visit.

I am traveling with to film the adventure for a potential documentary or travel series of sorts...

It was great to see everyone. They look in good spirits, healthy and happy. However, there is still a financial strain on the team... as they really don't have the funding to make the trip. However, thanks the overwhelming kindness and generosity of the American people, they have made it this far. People donate hay, feed, water, showers, hotel rooms, meals and companionship to the team as they move from town to town at the pace of a horse...namely, Blackie.

It has been a fascinating discovery and journey into the heart of America.

What next?

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