When is it ok to eat roadkill?  


Do you have to be the one to have hit it to know the freshness? Or can you tell upon closer examination? Is roadkill always in season?

Earlier today while driving in the Upper Peninsula I saw a deer on the side of the road. A victim of hit and run.

What if I needed food? Could I use this meat? Although I've tasted venison before, I have never killed an animal on purpose. I've never even been hunting. It be tough to take my knife and carve myself some steaks. But, I figured I could manage the task if survival was my base instinct at this moment. It isn't.

As I continue south on I-43 out of Green Bay, Wisconsin I spot two men hunched over a carcass along the highway. They slice away fur and flesh in a frenzy. They nod and smile to eachother in the apparant glee of their meat harvesting ritual.

There has to be a cleaner, more easily harvested protein available other than road kill, don't you think?

Still, I suppose pounds of free deer meat would be a boon for many finders of such. Maybe we could package it up and send it to third world countries? Roadkill from American highways. It's what's for dinner.

What next?

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