East Village Breakfast  


I am leaning against a half brick wall soaking in the morning sun at the corner of East 7th St and 1st Avenue in New York's East Village.

It's a crisp fall morning. The air has a definite chill, but the sunlight still warms this old soul. It feels like a start of a glorious day!

I slept in my truck last night underneath the Manhattan Bridge in the neighborhood of Brooklyn referred to as Dumbo. I stayed up a little late watching the Showtime series, Californication. I could have used a little more sleep, but got myself up around the time that the parking violations would be in effect for the block of John St on which I was parked. The last thing I need now is a ticket.

I am going to the New York Public Library today to see about editing and uploading some video from the last week. Also, my computer may have some malware on it and I'll need to figure out how to cure it.

I am also in process of liquidating many of the mounds of junk I have stored here in Manhattan. I sold a couple hundred 12" dance records from my DJ days. I still have 700+ left. Not sure what do do with them.

I also sold about 50 of the nearly 800 DVDs in my collection. I will try to pare down to my favorite 200 films and sell the rest. That'll help me raise funds to get my camera cleaned, buy tapes and fill my gas tank.

Later tonight I am thinking about steaming away my cares at the Russian spa on East 10th st. Good old fashioned heat. I love it!

Ok.... Off to enjoy the day. Hope you have a wonderful one yourself!

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