Curtains make it a home  


Because, without them... it's just a windowed box.

The last couple days have been spent hauling crates of dvds and records to shops around the city, trying to sell off unused media from my collections.

The shedding of material goods is a mixed emotion process The attachment can be strong. The memories of a record spun or a movie watched make me want to keep them for some future time.

However, I would rather they be in the hands of someone who will use them in the present, then for me to retain them for the future. So, I schlep them from store to store getting a few dollars for each DVD and much less for the vinyl. Regardless, we all had good times together. Good times.

I also found the black table skirting that I used for my DJ booth back in the day. It was a really good investment for me. Not only did the heavy duty clips attach to the DJ table securely for years, they also clip perfectly to the inside of my cap on the back end of my pickup. So, now I have curtains where sleep.

What a difference! I feel so much more at home sleeping in the back of the truck than I ever have before.

Serene, cozy, darkened and delightful. No more windowed box.

What next?

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