Fender Bender  


Bent it? Hell, I took it right off. Not mine, but the other guys.

I had pulled in quickly past a parked car and cut it too close. Side of my truck took out his front bumper.

The owner came outside and I presented him with all my info, but he wanted to call the police to file the report instead of just filling it out himself at the precinct later, which most people do if there is not arguement of fault.

Luckily I wasn't drunk. And they did make me blow into a breath thingy, trying to get me.

Besides all the wasted time, I also received two summons for expired proof of insurance and expired registration. I do have valid insurance and my truck is properly registered, I just didn't have the paperwork.

The young officer's hands were visibly shaking as he handed me the tickets and explained how I can get them dismissed. Not sure why he was so nervous.

When I finally got finished with the ordeal I was famished. I drove to 11th st and avenue B to park, then walked to avenue A for some pizza.

There was a crew filming a movie called called Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist. They had a car rigged up on a trailer to simulate the actors driving. I recognized the one kid as the actor who played George Michael Jr on Arrested Development. Great show and he was very good in it. Hope he does well with this new film.

Ok, time to finally watch a little Californication before climbing in the back for another nights rest.

What next?

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