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I guess I am having too much fun to sit and compile the clips I've been shooting over the last month. Well....that or maybe some of my usual procrastination. By the way, there are some friends that have been waiting years for footage of some music events that we shared together.'ll see it. I promise.

While I do have a video backlog, I will still put up some fresh videos every other day or so.... or at least when I change locations.

Now, to this point, this vlog has been shot with a little 4.0 megapixel Minolta camera with video capture mode. Sure, it's low res, small lens and I can't really get too creative shooting with it. But, it's fairly quick, extremely portable and simple to grab the clips off the memory card.

Normally, I document with a Panasonic DVX100a. For those that don't speak geeky model numbers, it's just a high end digital video camera. It's good for filmmaking as it shoots at the same 24 frame per second rate as traditional film. It's not HD, but I like the look it gives.

My dvx has been through so much on this journey; submerged in a river, filled with playa dust from windstorms in the black rock desert, dropped off the roof of a truck and currently has the tripod mount broken... which sucks.

I'm sure I will be upgrading eventually and acquiring some equipment to help me produce on the road more easily ("more easily" that proper grammar?). I'd love to get some portable direct-to-disk capture hard drives. I would be able to shoot right to a device that attaches to the camera, eliminating the need to shoot on tape and capture footage, etc. I could then just shoot, dock to the laptop, drag and drop and edit.

OK... enough of this talk.

I have been sitting at Louie's pizza on Grand st in Paonia for happy hour, typing away off the library wireless across the street. Some new friends are having a birthday party and jam session later soon, so I am gonna finish up my pizza (mini beef, feta, black olive and jalapeno) and get movin' on.

Blah at ya later...


What next?

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