Back in the Saddle Again  


After a long drive I arrive at the Gibson County Fairgrounds. Bill Inman and his wife Brenda are staying there with Blackie the Horse on their way across country. A few beers and some Maker's Mark and the stories start flowing freely. We stay awake late catching up before I finally crawl into the back of my pickup truck for a night's slumber.

I sit now at a mexican restaurant with Jonny, their son, who is traveling with them taking photos, video clips and maintaining their website, We just had a beer and some chips while we use the neighboring hotels wifi. Soon, we will leave to enjoy a meal out with everyone else, courtesy of some locals who insisted on treating us while we are in their neck of the woods.

Video clips from New York sit waiting until I can fix my computer and get the virus' and malware off it. I will probably have to wipe out the hard drive and reinstall windows XP. Fun times...

What next?

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