Back in civilization  


Hi.....I've been behind on updates because I haven't had internet access for a week. I wanted this to be as close to real time as possible, but now I will need to play catch up.

I'm just got off the playa at burning man Friday. Crashed in Reno for a night, then to South Lake Tahoe to clean out the back of my truck. Wow... the dust! I just got into Berkeley last night and crashed with some new friends. Now I am in San Francisco at my cousin Paul's. Check out his film, Bus Trip. Within a couple weeks I will meet back up with the Uncovering America team.

Meanwhile, I still need to spit out some old clips from Idaho and Wyoming. Nothing as exciting as burning man, but still... if you want to see me make a burrito and my favorite guacamole, then stay tuned!

What next?

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1 comments: to “ Back in civilization

  • 9/17/07, 11:43 PM  

    Keep the site going. I want more more more! You against what society thinks we should be. I love it and hope to do something similar some day. We should all enjoy the free spirit that you exhibit. Take care my friend and keep me entertained on your site. Brad