The Delancey  


Been at the bar since just after 6. It's a "burning man" happy hour. I met a bunch of great new people. Was invited to dinner by a cool couple who live out in Red Hook Brooklyn. If I move back to this city, I'd like to check out that area.

Also bumped into the lead singer a band a filmed at the Bman decompression event. This was a good thing, because I wanted to get them the footage. They are called Whiskey and Whores. My kind of party!

It was my first time at the Burn this year. I am yet to write about then experience, but I can say that I felt quite at home. People who attend are very real and open and trusting. It's like one big happy yet dysfunctional familly.

So, I sit at The Delancey, sipping my Stella Artois contemplating my next move. I am parked around then corner. Although I'd like to get online, I really don't think it wise to drive around trying to find a wifi. Too much time and then to find parking.

I think I'll hunt for some food on foot, watch another downloaded episode of Californication and then call it a night.

What next?

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