Notes from Nashville  


I've been spoiled lately, staying in a hotel room donated to Uncovering America by the Rock Bottom Stables in Mount Juliet, TN. The weather is warm and sleeping in the truck would not have been a problem, but who can turn down such a kind offer? They have been very generous to all of us, taking us out to dinner several times as well.

Last night I started practicing my roping skills, throwing a rope at a set of plastic steer horns. The night before, I worked on riding a horse up next to a dummy steer being pulled at a steady pace by a four wheeler. Right now, I can't imagine combining the two skill sets to be able to ride and rope at the same time. I'm learning that it takes some real talent to be able to be a cowboy. I'd like to keep learning to ride and how to keep and care for a horse.

Blackie has been resting after pulling up lame with a slight limp a few days ago. We are just about to leave the hotel for the stables to put him out in a round pen and inspect his recovery from a pulled muscle. After that, Bill and I will scout the route for he and Blackie to ride through Nashville.

Tomorrow, a square dancing club is holding a fundraiser to help Uncovering America reach their final destination of Hendersonvile, NC which will take us all through a cold and possibly snowy trek through the Appalachian mountains.

So far, I really haven't spent any time in Nashville proper because we've been stationed about 25 miles east-north east from the city. Hopefully today and tomorrow will allow more time to explore.

What next?

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