Fifth Night on the Street  


It's 4:20am. Late night. Time to hit the sheets.

I ended up on the lower east side, below Houston street and east of Avenue B. I type this from my phone because I wasn't lucky enough to find wi-fi in the area I parked.

It's 33 degrees.

Luckily, I had someone gift me a sleeping bag when I was in Colorado. Now I have two warm bags. That extra layer comes in handy, especially since I typically retire for the evening without any top clothes. It's just more comfortable that way.

My first night on the street was on John street in Dumbo Brooklyn, right at the base of the Manhattan bridge. Noisy with trains all night long. But a great view of the skyline and downtown bridges.

The next was on the Manhattan side of the bridge in Chinatown. At 3am, I took a walk to the store for some water and noticed that a nearby car had it's window smashed, presumably as part of a theft.

Thursday I bunked down again in Chinatown, but in a well lit area. Also had my back curtains that night, so I was able to sleep in a bit easier, but still had some problems with noisy traffic in the morning.

Friday found me tucked on what I thought would be a quiet street. It was the area of 21st street that goes the opposite direction of the usual flow of 21st, way west between 11th and 12th avenues. I remembered that spot because a former girlfriend used to rock out killer performances in an off-Broadway show in the now defunct venue where I parked.

The next morning, on Saturday, there were bustling art gallery patrons in and out of cabs and cars for hours. Luckily I had purchased earplugs earlier and was able to block out most background noise.

Tomorrow? Not sure where I will land. I was thinking of parking out near the ocean for a change of pace. Far Rockaway is about the closest beach to the city. I think a night or two with some quiet and some waves will be soothing, don't you?

What next?

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