The Drive Continues....  


St. Louis, MO - After a decent sleep, I awake to the sun rising over the fringe of the walmart parking lot.

William has already been out sitting with his dog and his "Traveling Thru...Anything Helps" cardboard sign.

He is positioned fifty yards from where we all slept, convenient to the drivers exiting the neighboring McDonalds.

The American people overflowed with generosity this morning. The total of their giving is $79.50 within a couple hours.

The most surprising contribution to their travel fund came from another street person, who must have been up on their luck. He bought them a meal and handed out $10!

Another kind soul donated a bag of food for the dog, a bowl and some rawhide chews.

Speaking of chewing... after I cook my fried polenta and egg burrito, we hit the road again.....

[video to follow once I get wifi and a chance to edit]

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What next?

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