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Good Morning!

Although my primary intention is to use video to express myself in this blog, I recognize that my throughput ratio of footage shot to footage edited is slower than I like. So, why not write a little too!?

I've been in New York for 5 days. So far, I have had a bed or a couch each day. Last night, a new friend from the Burning Man Decom event gifted me a shower and a bed. I had helped to transport supplies for the party. I was telling him about my blog and living in the truck, and he offered instantly.

His space is in a funky old warhouse bulding right beneath the Manhattan Bridge. From the windows in his living room I could see the Brooklyn Bridge and all of lower Manhattan lit up with bright city lights. It is a gorgeous view!

I really enjoyed meeting Kevin. He's a cool cat. A very lovely man. I look forward to visiting his Gnome Camp next year at Burning Man.

I didn't get as much sleep as I wanted. I was up late visiting with my friend and artist Erik Van Loon from Rotterdam. He was in town with his friend and fellow countryman Jan Willem Hament.

Jan and I hit it off instantly and became good friends right away. I filmed him showing me the 50+ drawings he made in one day. He even gave one of them to me. How generous! He also made some 'iliveinmytruck.com' signs for me. And he invited me to come stay with him in rotterdam anytime I like. I also extend the same invitation to stay in my truck. (ha!)

Today I am helping move a dresser for somebody on craigslist. That'll net me $100 for my time. I also need to chip away at that storage unit. Too much junk!

Have a great day and I hope to see you soon!


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