Living Situation  


I reported before that I would be staying in Long Island City, managing a building for a friend in exchange for living quarters. Well, that's changed. He decided to give one of his current tenants the responsibility instead. I can crash for two weeks, but then I am back in the truck until he has an opening again in late August.

I do have many friends around New York that constantly remind me I have a place to stay anytime I like. That's a blessing. Meanwhile, I'll keep open to other possibilities that may pop up on my radar.

Life is good. The weather is lovely. The sun is shining. Who can complain?

Not much of an update today. I do have some things I've started writing that I'd like to post soon; meanderings on Love for one. I find the subject of romantic relationship to be fascinating. I also want to write a little about something called psychic vampirism. This is the concept of having your energy drained by another person, often without either of you realizing what is happening. It's like when you spend time with someone and you feel exhausted after the encounter. I recently read about this and would like to share more.

Ok... off to enjoy the day. An artist friend might paint my truck today. If that happens I hope share video of the experience.


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Fire at the House of Yes  


Normally, this is the kind of fire at the House of Yes.

But last night, it was a seemingly innocuous toaster and a five foot paper puppet goblin head hung on the wall above that began a dangerous dance of flames that engulfed the enclave of a dozen or more artists. The enormous loft, performance space and living quarters located near flushing and metropolitan was a well loved and respected community that regularly hosted gatherings for the purposes of making fun and art.

I'd actually only ever been once before....but during the day to pickup up some things to bring to another event. I was welcomed graciously and fed breakfast before I was allowed to leave on my errand way. It felt like Home for my few minutes of mealtime.

Last night, I had just arrived at a party hosted by another collective and underground live music and late night party promise land. The host alerted me to the fact that there had been a fire and asked if I could drive his van to them to load out any salvaged belongings.

So I jump in the van, whip across Brooklyn and arrive at the two story building, to a see people scattered about placing things out on the streets. I walk up the dark stairs and wade through ankle high pools of ashen water. We carry out as many things as we can before the landlord comes to board up the doors to prevent looting.

Spirits remain high despite the tragic events of the evening. We gather up things, jump in the vans drive off to not so distant Dumbo. The party continues past dawn, until eventually the House of Yes members crash on couches to dream away the day.

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The Streets of New York City  


One week left of the vagabond lifestyle for me. As much as I enjoy being mobile with my little Chevy joyride of freedom, the time has come for me to forgo my camping out on the streets of New York City for some indoor sleeping quarters.

I still "live" in my truck, because I do lots of driving around the city on a daily basis with my delivery business. As such, I will continue to bring you the sights, sounds and stories of the streets and the people I meet. I'm still working on the technical aspects of live broadcasting, so hopefully there will be more on that front soon as well.

Meanwhile, I've secured free room and board in exchange for my services. I will be the "mini-superintendent" of my friend's six unit apartment building in Long Island City. I say "mini" because it will require very little interaction with the tenants. I'll be more of a building babysitter than a super, but I'll still be the first point of contact should anyone need anything.

I'll be staying in a chilled out basement apartment with my own private backyard and roof access. It's a great neighborhood that's only one subway stop from Manhattan.

View Larger Map

There is a beach of sorts, called Water Taxi Beach, where I can go lay out, play volleyball and watch the sunset over the city. However, If I want to swim in the ocean, I'll have to head out towards Rockaway Beach as it's probably the closest "real" beach on the water. Coney Island is a little closer, but the beach and water is not as clean as Rockaway.

So... living in New York for no cost. That's friggin awesome dude! I can work on my documentary footage, do more writing and collaborate with others on more projects. Besides exploring and playing in the city all summer long, I'll also be heading upstate often to go camping for real (in nature). I'm sure the occasional road trip to other parts of New England will ensue. I'm also trying to get to Burning Man again this year in late August.

My friend is working on funding for his feature film as well. If he gets it off the ground, he may start shooting this fall. Who knows, maybe I'll even be helping out with that production.

2008 is going to be a great year, I can feel it. Creativity, success and Love flow forth very easily and I welcome all the returns that it brings with tremendous gratitude.

- D

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Time Travel - Riding the Fourth Dimension  


Here's a 44 minute television program about the scientific realities of time travel.

It's a good follow up piece to the Imagining the Tenth Dimension video I posted earlier.


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Apology Denied  


"To Err is Human, to Forgive, Divine"

We've all heard this quote by the English poet, Alexander Pope. Humans do make mistakes in life. Our words and actions can result in pain for others and for ourselves. Making amends with those with whom we've slighted can be healing and transformative to our spirits.

This path becomes difficult when estrangement enters the equation. What do you do when you have a desire to apologize, but your attempts at reconciliation are shunned? What then? I wondered previously what constitutes forgiveness in my post called "bad blood." Does it take two people to fulfill the act of forgiveness? What happens if one party denies the other the opportunity to apologize?

I am speaking of a situation where both people are still living, but one is choosing to completely shut the other out for reasons of their own choosing. Maybe it's two family members who have had a disagreement. Perhaps it's a romantic relationship that has hit the rocks. Maybe former friends are fighting over something that one of them sees as "unforgivable".

What does that mean? "unforgivable"? Is anything really truly unforgivable? I've heard accounts of a murder victim's family forgiving the killer. Why do they do this? Is it because they don't want to harbor the anger and resentment in their being, so they release it through this process of forgiveness?

Speaking personally, it troubles me deeply when there exists any echoes of disaffection with another in my life. I choose to be friends with everyone I meet. Now, does that mean they will all like me back? Perhaps not. But I see nothing wrong with having the desire for persistent friendship.

Sometimes two people can "agree to disagree" on a subject. They may not see eye-to-eye, but at least they arrived at that understanding together. What becomes more painful to the heart is to be denied the opportunity to apologize and clear the air. Wounds are not allowed the closure they need, festering openly. Ignoring or hiding from it, doesn't promote healing. In fact, it may result in apathy and indifference that can be as destructive as intentions of ill will.

If you are able to arrive at some sort of understanding, with levels of compassion and empathy then you'll certainly be able to allow forgiveness to occur. It is recognized that these are not easy things to do. Love, understanding, compassion and empathy (L.U.C.E.) are powerful emotional actions of the human heart. The acronym LUCE ('luce' is Latin for 'light') can help us remember to shine our best on a gloomy situation. Negative feelings, creeping in the shadows can't stay hiding if we illuminate the darkness with our Hearts filled with LUCE.

My sincere wish is for peace and healing to occur on all levels of life, be it personal human relationships or centuries long strife and struggle among nations and their peoples.

Whatever "Err" has occurred that weighs heavy on your mind, bring it Love, understanding, compassion and empathy. You may learn that when you let your Light shine forth, you have a power to heal that is truly Divine.

Be Blessed!

- Dallas

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Have you ever read a posted comment or received an email from someone who insists on using all capital letters in their response? They spew out their apparent anger and frustration in long, run-on sentences with paragraph upon paragraph of entirely UPPER CASE type face.

ALL CAPS is often used to denote yelling or high volume speech. The larger, bolder and more menacing upper case letters read a bit like having a crazy woman screaming at you on the street. It's quite unnerving.

Do they really think it actually serves as a functional form of effective communication? It doesn't. In fact, it says far more about them as person than the subject at hand.

Intense and highly emotional individuals are prone to dramatic forms of expression. In their defense, I don't mean to imply that their anger is unequivocally unjustified or their message meaningless...quite the contrary. Their points may be valid, but it can be drowned out in all the literal shouting going on.

Each person casts a reflection of their life experiences upon those they meet through the forms and style of interpersonal communication in which they engage. It may not be realized, but the impressions left upon you from your past echo forward at varying levels depending on how much and how well they've been processed and integrated by your pysche.

For example, if you were yelled at as a child, that's how you learned to communicate,with force and anger. I can imagine that the complexities of the psychological impact from an unpleasant childhood can take a lifetime from which to recover. Add to that years of other forms of potentially dysfunctional relationships with colleagues, coworkers, siblings, friends and lovers and no wonder so many of us can become unbalanced.

Angry forms of communication often beget reactionary defensive behavior. A cycle of ever destructive actions can be started through this type of dialogging. It's not a fun roller coaster to ride.... I should know. I've been guilty of falling into that trap in the past. I prefer a more civil discourse utilizing logic and reason. However, this takes practice... and control.

It's not easy to engage your emotions, especially anger. Some people are more sensitive in nature than others and thus, susceptible to being set off easily. Utilizing patience, understanding and compassion you can deal with situations of ill feeling. Listening to another's point of view and emotional content takes skill to truly hear what they are saying. You can right the ship and sail on to calm waters.

I'm as capable as the next guy at getting angry and yelling to make a point. Usually, that's because of frustration of not being "heard" or more apporpriately, understood. However, I've also had angry feelings surface and been able to express them freely. That's because I've been fortunate to have had the other party listen with the full intent of understanding the underlying issues instead of hearing only the louder volume.

These are things that occupy my mind as I reflect upon my own experiences in life. Some lessons are learned the hard way. Others are gained through intellectual knowledge, but until dealt with in a real life situation can still pose the potential for disaster. My hope is that calmer hearts and minds prevail.


just kidding

Much Love,

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The Illegal Income Tax  


Yesterday was April 15th.

To most Americans, that date means it's time to pay taxes. However, for millions of others, it is the day that they use to remind others that there is no law requiring them to file a 1040 or pay a tax on their personal labor and income.

Here's a good way to learn more about this unconstitutional tax and the unlawful collection and enforcement actions taken by the IRS and the lower courts.

Please watch the late Aaron Russo, producer of The Rose and Trading Places, as he investigates in his film, America: Freedom to Fascism

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Ching Chong Song  


I just found this flipping tv channels at a friend's place. It was on the Manhattan Neighborhood Network cable access show called Checkerboard Kids. I don't know who this "Joyce" is or why she takes over the show, but how funny is this?! Like, seriously...

And Ching Chong Song is somebody I hope to see and hear live. They are touring Europe now, but will be back to their home base of Brooklyn next month. Check 'em out.

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Hello from Brooklyn  


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Monsanto and the Death of Food Sovereignty  


I recently watched a French documentary called The World According to Monsanto. It's actually a bit disturbing. The filmmaker travels the globe to meet farmers affected by this multinational giant's increasingly huge seed monopoly. The Monsanto corporation is genetically modifying and patenting the seeds of staple food sources around the world.

They splice in a protein to make the seed resistant to their deadly weed killer, Round Up. If you are a farmer and you grow from their seeds, you are required to buy them again each season. You also need their chemicals to kill the weeds and fertilize them. If you get caught saving and re-using the seeds, they seek legal action. (see Vanity Fair article here)

One of the farmers from South America said it best when stating that this practice is destroying food sovereignty, meaning if you want to grow your own food to feed your family, it will be more and more difficult as these genetically modified seeds spread across the planet. They are invasive and take over neighboring fields of naturally organic crops.

In fact, Mexican corn, so wholesome for millennia and considered a pure source.... has been contaminated . The Mexican government doesn't allow GMO seeds, but the corn coming in as a result of the NAFTA agreements has found a way to cross pollinate and create trans-genetic mutations.

The net of all of this is that Monsanto is trying to "own" the food sources on this planet. We, as humans could soon be fully dependent on third parties to feed us. We won't be able to raise our own crops without the patented seeds or necessary fertilizers and pesticides.

Here's the film, if you want to watch it now...

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The Continental - 5 Shots of Anything for $10  


Here I sit.... Drinking my troubles away....

Just kidding! Yes, I am drinking, but just a couple beers. And surfing the free wifi here. I never heard of The Continental but apparently, it was a punk hot spot for years. You can see the picture of Iggy Pop on their wall below, taken at a show in 1993.

I started coming here a couple weeks ago for a "burning man" happy hour. The owner is a burner and offers up free shots of whiskey and free pizzas for us each Wednesday. How generous! And quite tasty too.

I sit alone with my Yuengling. It's a quiet Monday night here at the Continental. There's a booth of twenty something girls, downing shots, a bored bartender and a big bouncer asking people not to smoke cigarettes right in front of the entrance.

It's after midnight. My truck is parked south of St. Marks out on 3rd ave, but I'll probably sleep back in Dumbo. I have a new favorite spot there underneath the Manhattan Bridge. It's unregulated parking, so I don't have to move my truck for street cleaning or anything. I can sleep in, if I want. And I often do.

I find this type of living to be quite liberating and oddly enjoyable. When you don't have a traditional home to relax in, you tend to find yourself in the most interesting places. Sure, I could be sitting my ass on a lazy boy, in my mortgaged home, surfing my overpriced internet service while keeping a half ear and eye on my advanced home theater system of streaming digital distraction.

But, I'm not...

I'm living freely....without the attachment to these things of which I held so dearly in a past life. The tethers are loose... the debt ridden ride I was on for a dozen or more years is over. Nobody owns me. I decide what I do, when I do it and who I do it with. Absolute control.

I do realize when I say these things that I am still dependent. I still have to rely on money to make things happen. Yes, I can make it myself, by using my mind or my muscle. However, true liberation from this system can only occur if I own my own land, grow my own food and had access to my own source of water.

Meanwhile, I sip the last ounce of my beer, contemplating a late night snack. I wish I could grow my own pizza.

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Live Broadcasts and Wearable Video Art  


I am looking at different web applications and video services that will allow me to stream live from my truck. What will I talk about? What can I show you? Maybe you'll tune in. Maybe you won't. I just want to see if I can get it to work. So, check back later for more on that pursuit.

Another concept I have is for a wearable piece of video art. I want to design a jacket that has little video monitors all over it... the monitors would be the flip out video screens from old cameras. I envision having a dozen on the front and on the back. There will be little camera lenses wired to them. The lenses aiming forward will display on my back. Likewise, the cameras pointing backwards behind me, will display on the front. So, if you are behind me, you will see a mosiac of images from the field of vision in front of body. If I am walking toward you, the images from behind me will be seen as you approach. The concept is to allow the wearer to become "transparent" in a sense. I still have quite a bit of engineering to accomplish, but I think I can find some resources to teach myself how to wire it.

I might also make a pair of pants with the same design. I have an erotically radical idea for another specific camera mounting for the lower half of the suit. However, I will keep it PG rated for now and not go into the details. Let's just say a surgical camera will be housed in a replica of something that would normally reside behind the zipper. The images would display on the outside of sunglasses being worn by the, um... camera man.

ok... ideas off... time to find some food.

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It's 5am and the Lion Sleeps Tonight  


Laying down to sleep after another great late night gathering. My lovely little friend Miss C Spot and her roomie Miss Candi had a house warming and invited a few dozen of us.

One of the guests was a DJ, so he plugged in his ipod. We danced and ate and drank all night.

I've been meeting the warmest, most welcoming people lately. Sincere and shining souls with all manor of interests and talents.

Miss C has a script or two she has sitting around, so we think we might shoot one, or make some other video art. Regardless of projects, it's gonna be a great spring and summer.

I sure hope whatever comes your way brings you all the bliss you deserve. Keep following it!

Goodnight [morning]
- dallas

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Summer in the City  


What a beautiful day today! It was in the low 70's all day, sunny and actually a bit hot.

I spent the night sleeping on w24th st so I could be nearer to the NYC rec center in Chelsea. One of my friends works out and plays basketball there every morning at 8:30. I joined up the other day so I could have a place to shower. There are dozens of them throughout the five boroughs. They have cardio, weights, basketball, swimming, climbing, ping pong, arts room, computer center and more. I am thinking about volunteering in the computer center, actually.

So, you get access to all of them, and for only .20 a day on average. It's $75 for the year!! Amazing. Why would you ever join a gym and pay that much per month? Just so you have free towels and a sauna or steam room? Fughet about it!

So, I work out, play some hoops...then drive over to Dumbo, where I have storage. The storage is 24 hour access in an old warehouse/artist loft building. It's great because there is a garage and loading dock that I can use as well. The side door opens up and you can see a spectacular view of the Brooklyn Bridge. I'll share a photo later.

I walk up to Pedro's to have myself some hueveos rancheros. Delish. Then back to the storage to get out my bike. It was a perfect day to ride. I peddled my ass up and over the Manhattan Bridge...eventually ending up at the Jivamukti Yoga center. They have a peaceful cafe inside, making it a great escape from the hustle and bustle of Union Square.

I have been in and around Jivamukti for years and attending many events held in the space as well. I think it's about time I started yoga. It's $250 for unlimited monthly access. And from what I know, they have some really amazing teachers.

Although I like myself just as I am, I still have much work to do towards my goals of higher personal and spiritual evolution. Besides yoga and meditation, I am also interested in something called structural integration. I really want to clear myself and my psyche of unwanted baggage and blocks and negative habits. A tune up, if you will.

I wish I had someone to go through all this with... someone to share the ups and downs of the path... a workout partner, or something. I have this idea of also cleansing and eating vegan..... just to see what sort of changes I feel happening in my body and mind. A 90 day program, perhaps.... a little human experiment.

I think it would be great to document it. To find a man and woman, say...near forty years old... that want to star in my production of "The 40 yr old Vegan". Hmmm.... that gives me an idea....

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Guacamole On Houston  


I made a batch of guacamole the other day and shared it with some friends.

here's a little clip of that moment...

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Previously on Treasure Island  


I spent a few weeks in Florida and a couple of the nights listening to my friend Mark play bongos in his beach band, Dos Locos.

Nothing like sipping on a delicious margarita, catching some rays and feeling the salty breeze blow your hair.

It's a tough life....but somebody's gotta live it!

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Camping on Vinegar Hill  


I am mobile again.

I was staying at a friend's for a month while expecting to move into a 6 unit Long Island City apartment house in April, which I was going to manage in exchange for rent. However, the timing got messed up, so I'm back on the road until at least May.

I'm so used to living in my truck though, that it isn't a bother at all. Sure, the inside space is a little tight and it's hard to host a dinner party, but the weather is pleasant and the neighborhood is quiet... so who's to complain?

The streets here are old school cobble stone. The buildings are so quaint. It's a very cool neighborhood to me. I've been through here before. I remember the first time I turned onto Hudson Ave. I felt like I stepped out of time. It looks and feels like no street I have seen anywhere in the entire city. And it's one train stop away from Manhattan. I knew the first time around that I really wanted to live here and now... guess what?? I am! Hey, even if it's just a night, it's still a dream that I made come true.

So, this is me... the 40 year old wannabe filmmaker, not eager to give my time in exchange for dollars for high rent, living in my truck and feeling as free as can be.

Ain't life grand?

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Do you ever miss me?  


Sometimes I wonder if those who have been close to me, but for a variety of reasons have lost touch or choose to remain distant, ever actually miss me or the memories we created. It seems vain, I suppose. Should it even matter?

I miss them. I do.

Sure...some more than others, but I still miss them all. I miss those that can miss me back as much as those that have passed on.

I miss my old college friends and the simple days gone by of limited responsibility and maximum drinkability.

I miss my former wife and our early escapades as newly married young adults venturing out into the world.

I miss my last love and the lost opportunity for understanding, forgiveness and a sustainable path to a long future together.

I miss my Uncle Robert, who passed away from AIDS before I moved to New York and was able to spend any real time getting to know him in my adult life.

I miss my grandmother Violet, whose kind, giving and sweet nature has blessed my being and surely influenced me.

I miss my grandfather, Ernie, who's strong work ethic and quiet character made him a silent force of fatherhood for his family of sons, setting an example long followed into the next generation.

Perhaps we'll all be together again at some point and the missing will subside for each and every one of us. Separation from the whole is unpleasant and I believe it is manifested in many forms via this interpersonal relationship maze we call life. We connect with others, then we sometimes lose that connection.

Maybe above this third dimension and beyond the limitations of the fourth dimension of Time, we will come to know a Truth. We might just find out that we have always been together and never truly been separate at all. We just don't know it yet.

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No Sleep till Brooklyn  


Whew! What a weekend. Dancing till dawn and then some.

No sleep... but tons o' fun.

I don't know where the energy comes from sometimes. I mean, I am not able to stay up all night because of any white powder. I just get high from the people and the music and dancing. It's ecstatic.

I attended the Kostume Kult's annual Horned Ball. All manor of beasts, animals and mythical creatures were out in full force.

I had a friend apply makeup to me. I can't believe I forgot to get a picture of myself, but he had sprouted small horns and make up to give me that freshly deviled look. He also lent me some colored contacts that were yellowish with red fringe. I looked quite "possessed". It was a little freaky.

I've never worn contact lenses. It felt weird at first, but I got used to it. It did limit my vision a little though. At one point, I thought I lost a contact on the ground, but it turned out that it was in the corner of my eye. I was able to work it back into position.

I didn't really have time to put together a costume, so I was wearing street clothes. I did add a furry red jacket of sorts and an angora fedora. However, after arriving at the party and seeing the great costumes, I had to go back to my truck so see what I could create. I found a large piece of orange fabric that I used once to cover a sofa. I undressed into flip flops, wrapped that around my waist and cinched it with a swath of white fur as a belt. Much more comfortable than jeans... free and loose. Ahhhh.... let the boys the breath.

The event lasted until about 4am. Soon after, loads of new friends were piling in my truck and driving to a loft in Dumbo for an afterparty. More DJs and dancing until the sun came up. Then, we sat around the living room, singing improv songs, playing guitar and drumming. That fun ended for me at 10:00am when I had to go pickup some furniture for someone. I finally took a two hour nap at about 2pm. Today, I recover.

I'm not hungover or anything though... 'cause I don't really drink that heavy. Yes, I can throw down whiskey like a rock star, and often do...but being inebriated beyond my normal intellectual capabilities is not my usual style.

All in all it was a blast. I had a great time going solo, but do think it would have been better if I had a date. Having my own sexy little beast to dress up with and share in the extravaganza would have been wonderful playtime for both of us.

I have been making more friends though...and that's nice. Most of the people I have been meeting have been though all the connections I made though the Burning Man community. The New York contingent is strong and are all quite lovely people. Besides being fiercely free and radically fun, they are also warm, giving and supportive to old and new comers alike. It's like family.

This year, as I spread my wings further... I look forward to collaborations on film, art and performance. Who knows what will happen!

Have a Lovely Day and thanks for reading.


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Long day and rockin night  


Just eating some killer Indian food as I wind down here at 4:30am. I am beat...exhausted, actually.

I worked my ass off today hauling 4 sleeper sofa's. One up 5 flights. Then another down 5 flights, carrying above our shoulders too... it sucked.

Then another super huge leather sleeper sofa was next. Down 2 flights in Red Hook, Brooklyn and jammed in the narrowest stairwell I've ever seen in New York City. We drove that 11 miles to Astoria in Queens and up another flight and thru a wickedly tight door.

So after getting done late around 9pm, drenched with the sweat of hours of labor, I decide to shower up and head uptown to see Widespread Panic. The show started an hour before, but I hope that there is an opening band and perhaps Panic went on late. I don't have a ticket, but knew I'd figure something out.

I drove instead of taking the train, but almost gave up when parking around the theater was tight. All of sudden I find a spot. Nice... a few blocks.

I walk to the box office, but they are closed... and sold out. So I walk down the side of the building, through a service corridor and open into an door. Sure enough, it looks like a backstage area of some sorts... maybe the catering area.

A few food preparers were sitting around a table and look at me startled. I somehow convinced them I was just going back inside and acted like I knew what I was doing. Sure enough, it worked. I was inside. I ended up lucking out and getting in the front row.

I walked into the refrains of Wondering. Needless to say, I danced my booty off for what turned out to be most of the second set and the encore.

The venue in Washington Heights is amazingly beautiful, called The United Palace Home. When I exited, someone hands me a flier for a band called Twiddle who was playing till 4am in midtown on 45th and 5th. The odd thing was that a new friend I met in the Florida Everglades at the Langerado Festival had also advised me to check these guys out. So here was me being handed my little reminder message. Cool.

I entered Connolly's to the sounds of dueling guitars. And sure enough, there's Wiley onstage trading licks with their lead guitarist and singer. Fantastic show. I shot a good chunk of footage. I'll put up some video soon.

And the best part was making another new friend who I gave a ride downtown. He ended up hooking me up with a Widespread Panic ticket for Saturday night. Sweet dude.

- goodnight.

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Imagining the Tenth Dimension  


A friend shared this with me recently. Good stuff. A real mind twister.

Let me know what do you think...

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Hi Honey, I'm Home  


Have you ever met a loved one at the airport or bus terminal?

You go running into each others warm and waiting arms and lock in a tender, passionate embrace.

What a joy in life! Today, I fly home to my truck. She's waiting patiently for me. She's a beauty.

She loves me. She's always there for me when I need a lift. She enjoys traveling together on new adventures. She helps me with direction if I feel a little lost. At night, she lights up when we're together.

My Truck let's me climb in to ride her any time I want. She purrs inside when I turn her on. She likes driving fast or slow. She can use all four wheels and back up with ease. She gets worked up driving in nature. She enjoys the rough road sometimes. She doesn't mind getting dirty. I wash her body after we're through riding.

I don't need to look at other trucks, but even if I did happen to glance she doesn't get jealous, because she knows she's the only one going home with me.

Truck Sweet Home

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Hidden Track  


You're listening to some CD, leave it in the player...start to notice there is no music, when all of a sudden a new track starts to play, tagged on to the end of the last song. A hiden track.

That happened to me today and it made me wonder....Do our lives have hidden tracks? Is there some super special bit of information that will be revealed to us, if we just wait it out?

Maybe our task is to quiet our mind enough to allow it to be heard. Perhaps the hidden track is deep inside our psyche and reveals all the secrets of our Being.

What if our hidden track has been playing this whole time and we just didn't know how to listen for it? What if it's been the underlying frequency for all of mankind, but our noise and disharmony has drown it out, preventing Us from tuning in and waking up to a new song.

Will we know when we hear it?


T h o u g h t s . . . . [i know]
Anyway...that's what it made me think of.

Whatever lay hidden in your heart, I wish it to awaken at the blink of your eye.

All my Best,

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