Born to Drive  


A taxi makes a bold u-turn in front of a bus as I dart out 147th in time to make the light.

I 'Bullit' down Broadway after visiting a friend in Harlem. It's midnight. A distant sea of green lights leads me downtown.

We all drive a little McQueen-ish in this town. And I love it. This is the City for which I was born to drive. In fact, I do while I type this...steering with my knee.

It is all about space here; apartment size, parking, and road real estate. If you want to go somewhere on these streets you'd better move ahead when the opportunity is present.

Darting and dashing from lane to lane is predicated by your awareness of all things mobile. Understanding and anticipating turning taxis, careening cabs and crossing pedestrians goes a long way towards an unimpeded path downtown.

I drive on... now, with both hands instead of none.

What next?

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