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A friend called me the other day to catch up. He didn't know I was in town. When he found out I was sleeping in my truck, he insisted I stay at his place in Chinatown.

We met when he and I were both associated with an Off Broadway show called The Donkey Show. Well, I wasn't really associated, but my girlfriend at the time was one of the principal actors. And a fantastic one at that!

The show was an adaptation of A Midsummer Night's Dream set in a 70's disco club, with the actors and guests interacting and the characters performing to the music of the era. It was a ton of fun and had a long run for five years before being forced to change venues and take on a new producer.

She even suggested I fill in for the part of the DJ when they needed a last minute replacement. I was asked to learn the two speeches and also manage all the music queues for the show. She rehearsed me all the next morning and by that night, I was ready. I did have to keep my lines by the DJ mixer though. I was really nervous. But, they said I did a great job... and she was very proud. It was one of the most memorable experiences of my life. I would have continued in the role, but the show was shut down the next week due to an unsuccessful run by the new producer. I was the DJ in the very last Donkey Show. What an honor.

My friend Luke played in it, but acting is not his main gig. He and his buddy Richie crank out killer rock and roll in New York City. Their band, The Pale Moon Gang, plays balls out every chance they get. Try to see them if you can or check out their myspace page.

Luke's other profession is as a tour guide. He works for a small tour company, but also runs his own private tour business called Real New York Tours. I've only been on the tour through the company, but just from that experience, I can tell his private tours would be completely engrossing. He is a very engaging personality and has great pride in his hometown city of New York. I know you'd get so much more out of seeing the city with a guy like Luke than on some big red or gray tour bus. Look him up on his website next time you are in the city.

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