It's a BLOG as well as a VLOG  


Originally, I intended to only produce video entries and have this be a Video blog or VLOG... but I think I need to write as straight blogging it is.

I do have some more footage up through burning man and a couple clips from San Francisco. However, I did leave my digi cam charger in SF. I had my cousin send it to me and I should get it in a day or two. I have been without it for a week and unable to compile footage of my travels thru Nevada to the western slope of Colorado.

tonight, I am sitting in my truck in downtown Paonia, Colorado. This little town is in the heart of the north fork valley. that's the north fork of the Gunnison river. This place has such an amazing energy to it... very fertile, alive, giving, comforting... hard to describe.

I've been here about a week. The local people I have met have taken me in to their community so quickly... it really feels great! In fact, it looks like I might actually get some work at the local pizza shop in trade for some food and drink while I am here. How cool is that !?!

This weekend is their Harvest Festival. It was HIGHLY suggested that I stick around for the festivities. Four bands in four venues, all night saturday... full moon tonight leading into the weekend... beer, music, food...OK...twist my arm.

Within a week I should be over the rockies and catching up with the Uncovering America by Horseback crew. They are heading south from cheyenne down east of denver.

I am surfing off the wireless of the Paonia library and just about ready to call it a night and drive out to a little section of public land to call it a night.

More later...

What next?

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