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I reported before that I would be staying in Long Island City, managing a building for a friend in exchange for living quarters. Well, that's changed. He decided to give one of his current tenants the responsibility instead. I can crash for two weeks, but then I am back in the truck until he has an opening again in late August.

I do have many friends around New York that constantly remind me I have a place to stay anytime I like. That's a blessing. Meanwhile, I'll keep open to other possibilities that may pop up on my radar.

Life is good. The weather is lovely. The sun is shining. Who can complain?

Not much of an update today. I do have some things I've started writing that I'd like to post soon; meanderings on Love for one. I find the subject of romantic relationship to be fascinating. I also want to write a little about something called psychic vampirism. This is the concept of having your energy drained by another person, often without either of you realizing what is happening. It's like when you spend time with someone and you feel exhausted after the encounter. I recently read about this and would like to share more.

Ok... off to enjoy the day. An artist friend might paint my truck today. If that happens I hope share video of the experience.


What next?

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