Summer in the City  


What a beautiful day today! It was in the low 70's all day, sunny and actually a bit hot.

I spent the night sleeping on w24th st so I could be nearer to the NYC rec center in Chelsea. One of my friends works out and plays basketball there every morning at 8:30. I joined up the other day so I could have a place to shower. There are dozens of them throughout the five boroughs. They have cardio, weights, basketball, swimming, climbing, ping pong, arts room, computer center and more. I am thinking about volunteering in the computer center, actually.

So, you get access to all of them, and for only .20 a day on average. It's $75 for the year!! Amazing. Why would you ever join a gym and pay that much per month? Just so you have free towels and a sauna or steam room? Fughet about it!

So, I work out, play some hoops...then drive over to Dumbo, where I have storage. The storage is 24 hour access in an old warehouse/artist loft building. It's great because there is a garage and loading dock that I can use as well. The side door opens up and you can see a spectacular view of the Brooklyn Bridge. I'll share a photo later.

I walk up to Pedro's to have myself some hueveos rancheros. Delish. Then back to the storage to get out my bike. It was a perfect day to ride. I peddled my ass up and over the Manhattan Bridge...eventually ending up at the Jivamukti Yoga center. They have a peaceful cafe inside, making it a great escape from the hustle and bustle of Union Square.

I have been in and around Jivamukti for years and attending many events held in the space as well. I think it's about time I started yoga. It's $250 for unlimited monthly access. And from what I know, they have some really amazing teachers.

Although I like myself just as I am, I still have much work to do towards my goals of higher personal and spiritual evolution. Besides yoga and meditation, I am also interested in something called structural integration. I really want to clear myself and my psyche of unwanted baggage and blocks and negative habits. A tune up, if you will.

I wish I had someone to go through all this with... someone to share the ups and downs of the path... a workout partner, or something. I have this idea of also cleansing and eating vegan..... just to see what sort of changes I feel happening in my body and mind. A 90 day program, perhaps.... a little human experiment.

I think it would be great to document it. To find a man and woman, say...near forty years old... that want to star in my production of "The 40 yr old Vegan". Hmmm.... that gives me an idea....

What next?

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