The Streets of New York City  


One week left of the vagabond lifestyle for me. As much as I enjoy being mobile with my little Chevy joyride of freedom, the time has come for me to forgo my camping out on the streets of New York City for some indoor sleeping quarters.

I still "live" in my truck, because I do lots of driving around the city on a daily basis with my delivery business. As such, I will continue to bring you the sights, sounds and stories of the streets and the people I meet. I'm still working on the technical aspects of live broadcasting, so hopefully there will be more on that front soon as well.

Meanwhile, I've secured free room and board in exchange for my services. I will be the "mini-superintendent" of my friend's six unit apartment building in Long Island City. I say "mini" because it will require very little interaction with the tenants. I'll be more of a building babysitter than a super, but I'll still be the first point of contact should anyone need anything.

I'll be staying in a chilled out basement apartment with my own private backyard and roof access. It's a great neighborhood that's only one subway stop from Manhattan.

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There is a beach of sorts, called Water Taxi Beach, where I can go lay out, play volleyball and watch the sunset over the city. However, If I want to swim in the ocean, I'll have to head out towards Rockaway Beach as it's probably the closest "real" beach on the water. Coney Island is a little closer, but the beach and water is not as clean as Rockaway.

So... living in New York for no cost. That's friggin awesome dude! I can work on my documentary footage, do more writing and collaborate with others on more projects. Besides exploring and playing in the city all summer long, I'll also be heading upstate often to go camping for real (in nature). I'm sure the occasional road trip to other parts of New England will ensue. I'm also trying to get to Burning Man again this year in late August.

My friend is working on funding for his feature film as well. If he gets it off the ground, he may start shooting this fall. Who knows, maybe I'll even be helping out with that production.

2008 is going to be a great year, I can feel it. Creativity, success and Love flow forth very easily and I welcome all the returns that it brings with tremendous gratitude.

- D

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