Hidden Track  


You're listening to some CD, leave it in the player...start to notice there is no music, when all of a sudden a new track starts to play, tagged on to the end of the last song. A hiden track.

That happened to me today and it made me wonder....Do our lives have hidden tracks? Is there some super special bit of information that will be revealed to us, if we just wait it out?

Maybe our task is to quiet our mind enough to allow it to be heard. Perhaps the hidden track is deep inside our psyche and reveals all the secrets of our Being.

What if our hidden track has been playing this whole time and we just didn't know how to listen for it? What if it's been the underlying frequency for all of mankind, but our noise and disharmony has drown it out, preventing Us from tuning in and waking up to a new song.

Will we know when we hear it?


T h o u g h t s . . . . [i know]
Anyway...that's what it made me think of.

Whatever lay hidden in your heart, I wish it to awaken at the blink of your eye.

All my Best,

What next?

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1 comments: to “ Hidden Track

  • 4/1/08, 10:13 PM  

    Yeah, I believe there is a calm, peaceful part inside of us all. All we have to do is stop being so uptight and worried about everything. That just blocks it from coming out. Let your hidden track play.