Live Broadcasts and Wearable Video Art  


I am looking at different web applications and video services that will allow me to stream live from my truck. What will I talk about? What can I show you? Maybe you'll tune in. Maybe you won't. I just want to see if I can get it to work. So, check back later for more on that pursuit.

Another concept I have is for a wearable piece of video art. I want to design a jacket that has little video monitors all over it... the monitors would be the flip out video screens from old cameras. I envision having a dozen on the front and on the back. There will be little camera lenses wired to them. The lenses aiming forward will display on my back. Likewise, the cameras pointing backwards behind me, will display on the front. So, if you are behind me, you will see a mosiac of images from the field of vision in front of body. If I am walking toward you, the images from behind me will be seen as you approach. The concept is to allow the wearer to become "transparent" in a sense. I still have quite a bit of engineering to accomplish, but I think I can find some resources to teach myself how to wire it.

I might also make a pair of pants with the same design. I have an erotically radical idea for another specific camera mounting for the lower half of the suit. However, I will keep it PG rated for now and not go into the details. Let's just say a surgical camera will be housed in a replica of something that would normally reside behind the zipper. The images would display on the outside of sunglasses being worn by the, um... camera man.

ok... ideas off... time to find some food.

What next?

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