Monsanto and the Death of Food Sovereignty  


I recently watched a French documentary called The World According to Monsanto. It's actually a bit disturbing. The filmmaker travels the globe to meet farmers affected by this multinational giant's increasingly huge seed monopoly. The Monsanto corporation is genetically modifying and patenting the seeds of staple food sources around the world.

They splice in a protein to make the seed resistant to their deadly weed killer, Round Up. If you are a farmer and you grow from their seeds, you are required to buy them again each season. You also need their chemicals to kill the weeds and fertilize them. If you get caught saving and re-using the seeds, they seek legal action. (see Vanity Fair article here)

One of the farmers from South America said it best when stating that this practice is destroying food sovereignty, meaning if you want to grow your own food to feed your family, it will be more and more difficult as these genetically modified seeds spread across the planet. They are invasive and take over neighboring fields of naturally organic crops.

In fact, Mexican corn, so wholesome for millennia and considered a pure source.... has been contaminated . The Mexican government doesn't allow GMO seeds, but the corn coming in as a result of the NAFTA agreements has found a way to cross pollinate and create trans-genetic mutations.

The net of all of this is that Monsanto is trying to "own" the food sources on this planet. We, as humans could soon be fully dependent on third parties to feed us. We won't be able to raise our own crops without the patented seeds or necessary fertilizers and pesticides.

Here's the film, if you want to watch it now...

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