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I really wanted to check out a play called Fire Island that was performed at the 3-Legged Dog Art and Technology center. 3LD has been a customer of mine for a couple year. Ever since I saw their space down on Greenwich St I have been wanting to attend a performance there. 3LD is a non-profit theater group that focus on experimental and large scale installations and performance, often utilizing video and other multimedia technology. Last year I was out of the city. So, when this season rolled around I was intrigued to see what they had to offer.

Fire Island is a play by Charles Mee. I won't go into detail as I haven't even seen it, but according to what I read in Playbill news it was an extravagant production that brought the beach to Manhattan, with the venue being transformed by sand, beach chairs, blended drinks, a live band and large format video projections combined with live action.

The play was about relationships at their various stages of development or dissolution. Who among us can't relate in some way to all the painful pleasures of passionate pursuits. I emailed my contact there and he said they'd be happy to trade me some tickets in exchange for my pickup and delivery work. But I never actually made it to a single performance!

However, last night, when I was at an event a block away I ventured down to 80 Greenwich to see if there was still anything happening. The show was over, but there were people hanging around visiting while video images displayed. The wide format screens displayed a sunny day of lounging around a poolside.

There were more than a few types of beautiful people gracing the screen. There were drag queens, beach bums and delicious dames at seaside. One of them, a tan and spicy Latina really caught my eye. The darked haired vixen with the fine figure and striking beauty had me wishing I could leap through the screen to join her in the water.

Springtime and into summer is my favorite time of year. New birth, new life, new adventure. Even the old and familiar can feel new and alive. It's all in how you look at it.

What next?

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