Long day and rockin night  


Just eating some killer Indian food as I wind down here at 4:30am. I am beat...exhausted, actually.

I worked my ass off today hauling 4 sleeper sofa's. One up 5 flights. Then another down 5 flights, carrying above our shoulders too... it sucked.

Then another super huge leather sleeper sofa was next. Down 2 flights in Red Hook, Brooklyn and jammed in the narrowest stairwell I've ever seen in New York City. We drove that 11 miles to Astoria in Queens and up another flight and thru a wickedly tight door.

So after getting done late around 9pm, drenched with the sweat of hours of labor, I decide to shower up and head uptown to see Widespread Panic. The show started an hour before, but I hope that there is an opening band and perhaps Panic went on late. I don't have a ticket, but knew I'd figure something out.

I drove instead of taking the train, but almost gave up when parking around the theater was tight. All of sudden I find a spot. Nice... a few blocks.

I walk to the box office, but they are closed... and sold out. So I walk down the side of the building, through a service corridor and open into an door. Sure enough, it looks like a backstage area of some sorts... maybe the catering area.

A few food preparers were sitting around a table and look at me startled. I somehow convinced them I was just going back inside and acted like I knew what I was doing. Sure enough, it worked. I was inside. I ended up lucking out and getting in the front row.

I walked into the refrains of Wondering. Needless to say, I danced my booty off for what turned out to be most of the second set and the encore.

The venue in Washington Heights is amazingly beautiful, called The United Palace Home. When I exited, someone hands me a flier for a band called Twiddle who was playing till 4am in midtown on 45th and 5th. The odd thing was that a new friend I met in the Florida Everglades at the Langerado Festival had also advised me to check these guys out. So here was me being handed my little reminder message. Cool.

I entered Connolly's to the sounds of dueling guitars. And sure enough, there's Wiley onstage trading licks with their lead guitarist and singer. Fantastic show. I shot a good chunk of footage. I'll put up some video soon.

And the best part was making another new friend who I gave a ride downtown. He ended up hooking me up with a Widespread Panic ticket for Saturday night. Sweet dude.

- goodnight.

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