Do you ever miss me?  


Sometimes I wonder if those who have been close to me, but for a variety of reasons have lost touch or choose to remain distant, ever actually miss me or the memories we created. It seems vain, I suppose. Should it even matter?

I miss them. I do.

Sure...some more than others, but I still miss them all. I miss those that can miss me back as much as those that have passed on.

I miss my old college friends and the simple days gone by of limited responsibility and maximum drinkability.

I miss my former wife and our early escapades as newly married young adults venturing out into the world.

I miss my last love and the lost opportunity for understanding, forgiveness and a sustainable path to a long future together.

I miss my Uncle Robert, who passed away from AIDS before I moved to New York and was able to spend any real time getting to know him in my adult life.

I miss my grandmother Violet, whose kind, giving and sweet nature has blessed my being and surely influenced me.

I miss my grandfather, Ernie, who's strong work ethic and quiet character made him a silent force of fatherhood for his family of sons, setting an example long followed into the next generation.

Perhaps we'll all be together again at some point and the missing will subside for each and every one of us. Separation from the whole is unpleasant and I believe it is manifested in many forms via this interpersonal relationship maze we call life. We connect with others, then we sometimes lose that connection.

Maybe above this third dimension and beyond the limitations of the fourth dimension of Time, we will come to know a Truth. We might just find out that we have always been together and never truly been separate at all. We just don't know it yet.

What next?

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