No Sleep till Brooklyn  


Whew! What a weekend. Dancing till dawn and then some.

No sleep... but tons o' fun.

I don't know where the energy comes from sometimes. I mean, I am not able to stay up all night because of any white powder. I just get high from the people and the music and dancing. It's ecstatic.

I attended the Kostume Kult's annual Horned Ball. All manor of beasts, animals and mythical creatures were out in full force.

I had a friend apply makeup to me. I can't believe I forgot to get a picture of myself, but he had sprouted small horns and make up to give me that freshly deviled look. He also lent me some colored contacts that were yellowish with red fringe. I looked quite "possessed". It was a little freaky.

I've never worn contact lenses. It felt weird at first, but I got used to it. It did limit my vision a little though. At one point, I thought I lost a contact on the ground, but it turned out that it was in the corner of my eye. I was able to work it back into position.

I didn't really have time to put together a costume, so I was wearing street clothes. I did add a furry red jacket of sorts and an angora fedora. However, after arriving at the party and seeing the great costumes, I had to go back to my truck so see what I could create. I found a large piece of orange fabric that I used once to cover a sofa. I undressed into flip flops, wrapped that around my waist and cinched it with a swath of white fur as a belt. Much more comfortable than jeans... free and loose. Ahhhh.... let the boys the breath.

The event lasted until about 4am. Soon after, loads of new friends were piling in my truck and driving to a loft in Dumbo for an afterparty. More DJs and dancing until the sun came up. Then, we sat around the living room, singing improv songs, playing guitar and drumming. That fun ended for me at 10:00am when I had to go pickup some furniture for someone. I finally took a two hour nap at about 2pm. Today, I recover.

I'm not hungover or anything though... 'cause I don't really drink that heavy. Yes, I can throw down whiskey like a rock star, and often do...but being inebriated beyond my normal intellectual capabilities is not my usual style.

All in all it was a blast. I had a great time going solo, but do think it would have been better if I had a date. Having my own sexy little beast to dress up with and share in the extravaganza would have been wonderful playtime for both of us.

I have been making more friends though...and that's nice. Most of the people I have been meeting have been though all the connections I made though the Burning Man community. The New York contingent is strong and are all quite lovely people. Besides being fiercely free and radically fun, they are also warm, giving and supportive to old and new comers alike. It's like family.

This year, as I spread my wings further... I look forward to collaborations on film, art and performance. Who knows what will happen!

Have a Lovely Day and thanks for reading.


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