Camping on Vinegar Hill  


I am mobile again.

I was staying at a friend's for a month while expecting to move into a 6 unit Long Island City apartment house in April, which I was going to manage in exchange for rent. However, the timing got messed up, so I'm back on the road until at least May.

I'm so used to living in my truck though, that it isn't a bother at all. Sure, the inside space is a little tight and it's hard to host a dinner party, but the weather is pleasant and the neighborhood is quiet... so who's to complain?

The streets here are old school cobble stone. The buildings are so quaint. It's a very cool neighborhood to me. I've been through here before. I remember the first time I turned onto Hudson Ave. I felt like I stepped out of time. It looks and feels like no street I have seen anywhere in the entire city. And it's one train stop away from Manhattan. I knew the first time around that I really wanted to live here and now... guess what?? I am! Hey, even if it's just a night, it's still a dream that I made come true.

So, this is me... the 40 year old wannabe filmmaker, not eager to give my time in exchange for dollars for high rent, living in my truck and feeling as free as can be.

Ain't life grand?

What next?

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1 comments: to “ Camping on Vinegar Hill

  • 4/8/08, 8:49 PM  

    On the road again!
    Sure feels good to be on the road again!
    The only thing missing is making music with your friends
    But I bet it's good to be on the road again!