Back to NYC and living in my truck  


I fly back to New York on Wednesday. I had been talking with a friend about managing his rentals and living in one unit starting April 2nd. However, that's changed... he has someone visiting and had to give them the space I was going to use. I can still do the management option with him, but it might not start until May. So, when I get back to the city, it will be all about the Chevy truck until I figure out something else. At least it's getting warmer there.

At this stage in my life, having left the corporate 9-5 paycheck world for artistic passions and pursuits, I find it exhilarating to live like a gypsy of sorts. The detachment from the material holdings is undoubtedly liberating. I have stuff, sure... in storage... but I want the stuff in my Heart, Mind and Soul to account for my "wealth".

My little delivery business,, manages to cover my expenses. I don't eat sushi every night, but when I do eat it, what a treat! Otherwise, I know some great cheap eats in the city to keep my belly full and my body healthy.

I think when I get back, I'll join the NYC rec centers so I can swim, work out, rock climb and have a place to shower. That and my truck, will make the month of April go by very easily.

The main reason I want to be in the city is to have more opportunity to find creative collaborations. And, it's a fun city, so why not?

However, if the wind blows strong enough, I might just find myself back out in Colorado before the end of the year.

You just never know, till you know...

What next?

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