Bad Blood  


I traded emails with an old collegue who told me that they don't speak with another friend and coworker because they have "bad blood" between them.

What does that term imply?

I imagine that if someone became angry or hurt that it could figuratively "boil their blood", burning it in such a way that it can't carry the same life force it once did. Thus, the blood is "bad". Sure, I could look up the origin of the term, but my interest is more about what happens to cause it and how can it be rectified?

The idea that people who've been close as friends, family, lovers or partners can carry any form or anger, resentment, annomosity or worse, apathy, towards eachother makes my heart sad, truly.What happens that causes this? What is so completely unforgiveable?

Then again, what is "forgiveness"?

Is it an act or a feeling? Who does it or feels it; the one forgiving or the one being forgiven, or both? Is it the willingness and ability to look beyond in a sincere attempt to regain harmony in ones heart? Do two people have to share in the understanding of forgiveness to benefit from it?

Tough questions. Tougher answers.

I believe all things can be healed through the forms and practices of Love, Understanding, Compassion and Empathy.

I had an Inspired notion to remember this with an acroynm made from the first letters of the words:



Interestingly, the word "luce" is a form of the word lucia, latin for Light. Light is Love.

So...if something is troubling in the shawdows of the dark, then bring Light to it. Bring Love to it. Bring Understanding. Bring Compassion. Bring Empathy. Bring LUCE. Eventualy, it may foster the forgiveness to propel from past pain into the new and the Now.

I don't purport to know it all, by any means. I'm always a student first and foremost. I make most of it up as I go along. I have caused pain and felt regret. I seek harmony and wish to avoid discord. I try my best, not always succeeding. Nobody says it's easy. We all learn from one another, as painful as the leasons may be.

If there's any bad blood between you and another, I hope the Light shows a way.

Have a beautiful day!

One Love and Big Hug,

What next?

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