You Have Such Great Energy  


Have you ever had someone tell you that you have good energy?

I've heard this from people for most of my life; new friends, romantic interests and even strangers. It humbles and warms me to know that someone would find my nature harmonious to their own vibration. Likewise, I know when it feels good around another person and like to let them know the same.

I tend to think about the science of life from a quantum perspective. String theory suggests that at the most sub atomic levels, all things are composed of tiny strings and strands of vibrating energy, each one a part of the collective.

Like notes on a scale, we become, as a whole, a Symphony of Being. Everything you see, touch, taste, smell and hear is also within this grand and glorious orchestration. Even the space between us is part of the score.

As we meet and interplay in and out of physical proximity with other vibrating strings, it only follows that the combinations and variations of these unions shall result in either:

harmonic convergence
or a disruptive dissonance.

We either make beautiful music together or perhaps we just don't do the dance at all.

Each of us, as a single consciousness and mass of membranes, has it's own song. As we hum our lives along, we set the tone of our being. It can be fairly constant, moving only amongst the sharpest notes and richest refrains. Or, it can go off the charts, emitting coarse chords and somber keys that leave you and others feeling flat.

So, when I have someone tell me I have great energy, it's like music to my ears. I don't mean that in an egotistical way, only that it affirms that my frequency feels fine and that the we are grooving to the same magical mix tape.


What happens when sour notes are struck more often than sweet? What alters a person's core vibrating frequency? What makes us whistle a different tune? And how do we equalize ourselves and compose a better balance? These are some of the musical mysteries of life.

Time to ponder and play on....

What next?

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1 comments: to “ You Have Such Great Energy

  • 3/26/08, 8:27 PM  

    Great write up. ^.^ You have a way with words.

    ~Scarab aka BinaryCheshire from Utterz