I miss my truck  


I have been without it for almost a month now. I left her parked in Rosedale in Queens while I flew to Florida.

Now I sit in warm sunny Boulder, CO at a coffee shop. I flew from Tampa to Denver last night. I'll be around for about a week visiting friends and getting my fix of the altitude. It reminds me again of how much I like it around Colorado. A little mountain cabin, away from it all... that's the good life. Maybe this fall, after a hot summer in the city.

Next week I head back to NYC to settle in and start pouring over the 80 hours of footage of Bill Inman and Uncovering America by Horseback. I am looking forward to developing something out of that adventure last year. Perhaps a series of web episodes instead of a feature. I'm not sure yet until I start watching and writing about it.

Stay tuned...

What next?

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