Ah... Love  


I am going to share something more personal than I usually do. And with the birth of Spring it's apropo.

It took me quite some time to let go of a former lover. Way too long! But I attribute that to my stubborn Leo Pride. I don't like to admit I make any mistakes and my optimistic nature often prevents me from seeing a problem as insurmountable. However, realism eventually set in as I cut the heart strings and released the psychic bonds, allowing healing and new growth to spurt from the old wounds.

Now, with the return of the Sun and the Light...with each day getting longer, my pursuits of passion are back in full force. Love is in the air.... can you feel it? Spring has sprung. From the dead soil and cold shadow cast by the pain of the past, comes new vigor. Seeds will be sown, Love will be grown. My heart has opened and it flows forth with the intense desire for a future harvest of immense proportions.

Ain't it grand?

What next?

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2 comments: to “ Ah... Love

  • 3/22/08, 1:18 PM  

    Ah good to hear you're feeling lighter this weather. What a difference a season makes huh? Just thnkin' 'bout ya...so here I am :) Thea xx

  • 3/23/08, 12:43 PM  

    you got to say it, to believe it. congrats. i'm proud of you. -K