Where does the time go?  


Wow! It's been a week?! Really??

I think it's time to make a video blog entry with a few highlights from the weeks events. I've been having so much fun I haven't even had time to cut any film or share any stories.

It's been more of the same goodness with great gatherings including the Dance Parade. A week of forming fast friendships, expanded living opportunities, magical meetings and collaborative connections.

I am looking at some new, low cost space to live and work. I've also been meeting more people who click with me and also need some extra help/camera talent. That'll include some field work for live event video streaming, which may lead into more of the same and larger production roles. I'll share more later. I have my first shoot this Sunday at the opening at a new MGM Grand Hotel.

I also learned how to stilt walk yesterday...I gained balance and was walking like a champ until I tried to dance too hard and snapped the heel plate (!). Oops. I'll fix it.

Learning to walk with 3 foot extensions strapped to your feet and calf is challenging and fun. Hopefully, I'll get back up soon and continue to get used to walking and dancing in stilts.

I'll catch you up more later. Thanks so much for stopping by to read the latest. I hope you have a great day. Take care and let's get together somewhere down the road soon! It's gonna be an exciting summer, so stay tuned. Please do drop a line and o tell me what you're up to as well? I'd love to hear about it.


What next?

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