Up at the Crack of Noon  


A slow cool misty rain coats Vinegar Hill on this late Monday morning in Brooklyn. My nose awakens to the pungent wafts of coffee rising to the lofted guest bed on which I rest. Sweet voices break the silence as c & c, two endearing souls who've opened their spacious art studio and living quarters to me, exchange pleasantries.

It's the end of of another long weekend of music, dance, art, food, drink and wanderlust. Miss c2 and I joined sugarbeet on a road trip to partake in the vaunted Philadephia Experiment (PEX). Let's just say it was a resounding success! All participants were fully experimentalized, philly style.

Leaving Brooklyn Saturday at nine in the evening for a hundred mile trek to the dungeoness multileveled central philly night club proved to be great timing. We arrived a around Midnight and joined the throngs to dance, rock, shake, grind, beat, bang, hoop, spin, mingle and be merry until the sun greeted us ....all along, the booty busting bass rocked the parking lot on 5th and Brown.

The after party was a little more laid back, but still had some killer beats in the basement, fresh bagels from the hostess with the mostess and lovely long couches to get a couple winks before driving back to the city for a late afternoon dinner party.

Friday was more of the same, but of a different flavor. We were invited to Troma Entertainment's midnight after party for the New York premiere of their latest film Poultrygeist: Night of the Living Chicken. The mayhem masters have been rocking the house of horror and shocking shlock for 30 years and are best known for their for cult classic, The Toxic Avenger.

One of my moving friends who helps me out with NY Pickup plays guitar. I'd never heard him, but finally got the chance to check them out as one of three bands featured at the party at Fontana's on Manhattan's lower east side.. Just he and Tom, as USAisaMonster cranking out their experimental progressive compositions.

From their myspace page:

"hello. we wanna play in every town! please get in touch and we'll come to your town! thats why we got on this website, to possibly meet new people in new towns. thanks."

The other act I was lucky to witness was Kocho-bi-sexual. Melodic trans pop boogie-ness emoted from their Hammond organ, Roland space echo and haunting voices. Dance, dream and delight the night away swimming in the most wondrous sounds around. You must find time to enjoy some soon! [video coming...]

Finally, after the long Saturday-into-Sunday... our friend J cajoles c2 and I to a cozy brooklyn studio apt for their weekly Sunday evening live jazz series. It is a very cozy arrangement in the second floor room. A dozen or so people sit along the wall on pillows, enjoying wine and popcorn. Although exhausted from the weekend, we caught part of the first set before heading back to get some rest. It was a most fitting end to previous 72 hours of life living and music loving. I still need to get the names of the players, but I'll get a a little clip of video up soon for you to enjoy.

Now... it's already near sunset. I started this blog entry six hours ago. In between creating the title and finally publishing it, I've managed to relax just perfectly, pickup some bagels, read, edit some video and help miss c spot move some furniture around the studio.

It's almost time to get some dinner, then perhaps go out to find another adventure tonight. Enjoy yours and relish every moment of it!


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  • 5/13/08, 10:40 PM  

    Hey Luver! It was a trip road-skipping with you over the weekend, and I never slept so lucid than in the back of your cab, but I need to let you know: It's SugarBEET, honey, SugarBEET. xoxox Mz. Sugarbeet