Fiddling while Rome Burns  


I am sitting here now at the Continental Bar on 3rd Avenue and St. Marks in Manhattan, sucking down shots of Makers Mark, eating free pizza and surfing the 'net...fiddling while Rome burns.

I read a recent email from talking about my home state of Michigan and the opportunity to be a delegate at the state GOP conventions and to influence the future direction of our country.

I never thought of myself as being a democrat or a republican. However, after the 2008 primaries and learning about Ron Paul, I realized a couple things. One is that our country is Constitutional Republic, not a democracy. Also, I began to think about what that means... what the Constitution represents...which is to be the guiding document and rule of law which limits the government as to how it operates.

Our current political paradigm caters only to the two party system. Independents and progressives have very little impact, get no press and even less vote. At this stage, you have to pick one side to play on in order to engage the system. Since we are a Republic and given that the word "democracy" doesn't even appear in our founding documents, it seems that the Grand Old Party is the one of choice if we are to jump into the fray.

So... the reason I write this short note is to wake myself up to the possibility of a higher responsibility. We think voting every 4 years somehow magically makes things happen. When, in my opinion and possibly in fact, the leaders are already hand picked for us as part of an illusion of choice. A huge game of good cop/bad cop. How easy is it for a "democrat" to be elected after 8 years of the Bush fiasco? Anything is better than Bush, right? Democrats will save us from the evil republicans, right?

Is Obama the "One"? Will he be our savior and fix it all? In my humble opinion, no. He won't. In fact, after limited research into his rhetoric vs. his voting record and his cabinet appointments and affiliations, one can easily see he is marching to the beat of the bankers, the elite and their goal towards a one world government...a New World Order as they call it.

I could quote and site examples, but the only way for you to realize this is to open your mind and do your own research. I can't do it for you. Nobody can. You can either watch CNN, suck at the teets of big government/big brother, hoping for change, chanting "yes we can!" or you can wake up to the Truth and start to take action. My form of action is education, information spreading and trying to provoke thought. My methods may be a little rough, but my intent is True.

So, Rome is burning. I am fiddling, getting drunk. I should be in Michigan. I should be at conventions talking about our ideals, our beliefs in a country that allows individual freedoms, has a sound monetary practices (NO FED! NO CENTRAL BANK!) and a humble non-interventionist foreign policy.

I am frustrated. It feels at times like there is nothing I can do. But I won't stop thinking about it, reading and researching, talking to fellow citizens and striving to keep our country free from a global government that would have us submit to a single authority.

Our Founding Fathers knew what they were doing. They knew that Britain was building and empire. They designed a framework for us to follow that would keep us free. It has been perverted. We most protect and defend it! That is my oath! As an American, it is should be yours as well. Together, we can restore this Republic and begin to rebuild our country again.

What next?

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