What is "Home"?  


Some people have asked me what it's like to be "homeless". That makes me wonder.... what is "home"? Is your house your home? Is a home a physical place? Is home a state of mind or a sense of well being? Is home where your Heart is?

One thing I've said about my recently radical mobile living experiment is that "when your truck is your bedroom, the rest of the world is your living room." As such, I tend to feel at home just about everywhere I roam.

My choice to live sans rent/mortgage as a sort of zero sum urban survival game is certainly exhilarating at a purely sport level. You learn more about yourself when you are not caught up in the engines of commerce, capitalism and commercialism. Giving my time to a job to pay rent is easily achievable. Not working and keeping time free for experience, observation, awareness, and reflection...that takes some real effort. But the rewards come in measures other than material wealth or disposable income.   They appear in the apprecation for the little things, as they say.  They come from the forming and furthering of new friendships that might not have happended if I was head down in an office creating more efficent ecommerce engines as in previous lives.

Yet, even when I lived a traditional life, there was a longing....a desire to reunite...to go Home. That's why I don't feel that home is a physical space. It's a mental plane. It's a platitude of existence within your mind that allows you to be content and at peace. The Now that is around you happens only once, and if you are too distracted by the demands of this society to pay attention, you might just miss it all.

I get the notion that there are many "lost" and wandering souls in this time on this planet. That we are all feeling, to some extent, disconnected from our true source of origin more so than ever before in human history.

We occupy the space of our lives with many "things", people, activities and experiences, but to what avail? Sure, we can find fulfillment for the senses, but where is the deeper meaning?

This is not to say that I (or we) don't have moments of "aha" where things align perfectly. When the sun creates a glistening eye, the flower bows gently to the breeze, and a peace settles in to the Now to remind us of the profound connectedness that we share to all of it.

In our separateness, in our ego's desire to be distinct and unique...we see one another, but lose sight of who we all are collectively. Perhaps striking a balance between polishing your own facet of the whole, while appreciating the grand beauty of the diamond of our combined lives allows the proper perspective to be maintained. 

Yet, I return to the wanderer in me, the traveler that, although loves this planet and feels comfortable on it, still wonders if he is really Home.  Will we be Home when we are finally reunited beyond physical space and time? Is this dimension only a stopping ground, a leaping pad to a higher vibrational existence that is yet to come?

Back to Earth.  

Don't get me wrong, I absolutely LOVE to have my own place... a space to host my friends, entertaining and making them feel adored and appreciated. I do miss that and will likely return to that existence when the time and proper opportunity presents itself.

Until then, I keep driving... searching, looking for the answers, seeking the Truth... longing for our Home.   Feel free to hop in for the ride, there's room on board.

What next?

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2 comments: to “ What is "Home"?

  • 1/3/09, 12:30 PM  

    Hey Dallas,
    I like the idea of Home as a state of mind.
    I wrote a little bit about that here.
    Big Pants Matt

  • 1/4/09, 10:08 PM  

    When you travel a bit, home becomes a feeling. Some day, you sit somewhere, and for a second, you get that familiar feeling of "I am home",and relax, and feel content. A small stop in the road, the flat bit of the roller coaster.
    I would go and live in a truck, it sounds great...but I can't drive. Maybe pushing it around...;) Great post.