9/11 Truth Seeking is Painful  


Spending time at ground zero, asking tough questions and seeking answers is not always as simple as handing out a few fliers.

Sometimes, the reality of it all touches you very deeply....

But it doesn't stop the quest for Truth.

With Love and Respect,


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1 comments: to “ 9/11 Truth Seeking is Painful

  • 1/8/09, 10:58 AM  

    My Brother is a 2X Sandbox II veteran and poised for another tour. I am estranged from my own family because they think I am a total nut job for asking questions and challenging the "official story" especially controlled demolition. He chewed me a new asshole and demanded I keep myself and my theories away from his family. One thing I have learned is that to be a part of the truth movement is to accept that for now people will violently oppose questioning and truth seeking while discrediting anyone who speaks up about it.Get used to insults and realize that they are the primitive defenses of a scared and confused person. Speaking up is true patriotism. I nearly have my doctorate in Psychology, so I know I am sound in my mind. I also understand why people are so passionate about believing and defending the official story. Their identity is tied up in believing the official story. The official story justifies our country's atrocious behavior in some twisted way, but that is what the majority believes. The tool of war against the American people are soundbytes and headlines that come so rapidly into our brains that it has confused and defeated most of the people of this country. People have given up and resigned to indecision and inaction because of the sheer magnitude of the issue and the serious resistance to changing the "Truth" by seeking the real truth in a rational way instead of a reactive and emotional way.
    I am visiting NYC in two weeks and now that I know there is a way to take some action there, insults and all, I will go there and speak out. Just now, A small pure white dove, landed outside my window, he is looking in.