What is happening in America?  


I hope I am not the only one who is shocked and outraged at the state of our Union. Below is a video report about the unconstitutional activity of the painfully obvious police state/martial law situation that exists in this country.

This video features some friends from the NYC Glass Bead Collective. I was supposed to travel to St. Paul after burning man to lend another layer of video support to the documentation of police activity during the RNC protests. It is very likely that I would have been with Vlad and the rest of the Glass Bead on the night they were illegally arrested and had their belongings taken from them.

Click below to expand to see the video.

Please wake up to this situation, turn off your TV, and research and be aware of the destruction of the U.S.A. We can restore the republic only if enough of us open our eyes and speak up. Tell your family, friends and neighbors to stop watching American Idol. It's time to take our country back by peaceful means, which means educating each and every American.

What next?

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