The Psychology of Blogging  


I often wonder why it is that people blog. Humans are social creatures. Most of us prefer to keep in contact with others. Is there a psychological aspect to this phenomenon? A need be heard or understood?

Speaking personally, I blog mostly out of a desire to share experience. Sometimes blogging can come off as a "look at me!" type of activity. Do some of us inherently seek audience? Even if so, my intent is to inspire others to Do and Dream in their own way. I hope to entertain, educate and enlighten, not be egotistical.
None the less, at times I do sense a desire to be heard, understood and accepted.

I've come to recognize that there is an danger in seeking approval or acceptance outside of one's own self. In doing so, we give away the ultimate control of our happiness. We have to accept ourselves, without reservation first and foremost. My general approach to life is to make myself feel good so long as I am not impeding the path of any other seeking the same. Basically, if I'm happy ...then I can make you and more people happier from that base position.

I am reading some Harvey Jackins books about Re-evaluation Counseling. In it, he talks about our nature of communication. We all seem to talk, talk, talk.... but who is truly listening? Often, people listen with one ear, but are constantly thinking about how to respond or waiting for their chance to speak. Where we make leaps in our personal growth is when we get a truly impartial ear, which hears us with full active attention, without judgment. The challenge is to listen to yourself without judgment...without that doubting, nagging voice that can appear from time to time.

When we do get that person to truly listen, we get a chance to discharge emotions long held to patterns of pain experienced during our past. It may be our telling of a recent hurt, but is likely part of a longer running record of similarity. Once we release, we heal.

I'm glad I found these books. They showed up unexpectedly when I stopped by my last home, Grand Space, to rummage the giveaway of leftover items from previous residents. After reading only a few pages of the Human Side of Being Human and I was aware of a profound sense of "knowing" the material. Often, when I read something... it seems familiar and just "makes sense". This indicates that I am on the right path... that it resonates with my core vibration. I'm looking forward to unveiling my true nature as I peel back more layers of personality. As I continue my own blogging experiments, I may reveal more personal aspects of the rediscovery of my Self. In doing so, I hope you find value.

Thanks for reading.

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