Kostume Kult and Burning Man  


Aug 5, 2008 - On the eve of my birthday, I sit in a comfortable garden apartment on a quiet street in Park Slope, Brooklyn. Time keeps on rolling along. Seems like only yesterday I showed up on this planet. Another year passes. I feel younger each time I mark the occasion.

I've been given a very generous two week stay in the apartment of a super talented, highly gifted beautiful soul who graciously offered after meeting me for the first time only hours earlier.

I participated in my first Burning Man Arts Festival experience late August last year while in the midst of my cross country documentation of Bill Inman and Uncovering America by Horseback. I also took the time to drive from Kansas to Queens, NY to attend the New York regional post-Burning Man "decompression" event held at the Queens Museum of Art.

These gatherings are ripe with rambunctiously playful spirit. Dressing up in costume is often a part of the fun. I hadn't had the forethought to procure anything to wear, so when I arrived at the event, I felt slightly out of place. However, I heard that there were some costuming racks, make up and accessories being offered by a group called Kostume Kult. Soon, I was rummaging through fabric and transforming myself. That was it... I caught the costume bug.

This year, Kostume Kult asked if I'd like to camp with them at the Burn. I was very honored to have been asked. I graciously accepted and am making final arrangements to drive from NYC to the Black Rock Desert outside of Reno, NV. We'll all stay together for over a week, along with 30,000-40,000 others in a radically free and expressive city that is born out of the bleak, lifeless, flat dry lake bed that is the Playa of the Black Rock Desert.

I am humbled by the kind and wide open hearts that are at the core of this community. I met the warm and lovely soul who offered me her apartment as a result of my new blossoming friendships with the Kostume Kulters. She commented that all of us felt like a family, so she had no problem trusting me in her home.

I'm very grateful to be sharing amazing experiences with each and every one them. It's a opportunity for expanding core creativity, attaining personal growth, extending community outreach as well as engaging in human and planetary evolution.

OK... that's it for now... off to a crafting session to make stuff for our camp. If you are on the Playa this year, come see us. Our camp address is at 8:08 and Esplanade.


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