Fresh, Fuzzy, Warm and Juicy  


After an uneventful night in Cleveland the truck heads towards our diversion du jour. A short ferry ride brings us to Put-in-Bay, Ohio, a resort island set on Lake Erie.

The High Tide bar next to Axel and Harry's restaurant provides a spectacular setting. The late day sun shimmers as we sit sipping a cold cocktail at water's edge. As the sun approaches set, a full moon appears on the opposite horizon, eager to illuminate the summer sky.

Golf carts are the preferred mode of transportation. People shuttle themselves all around the island in putt putt style. I hop on my bike to scout the scene.

I don't make it past the first T-shirt shop and the rack of funky hats: A black number with purple streaks; a zebra hat with a flexible wide brim and braided tails (perfect for dipping in cold water to keep my neck cool); a fuzzy red, white and blue number suitable for any Liberty Lover and a baby blue elephant hat that let's me flap his ears when I pull a string.

Which one did I get? All of them, of course. Only $6 each. I guess the consumer bug hit me. I'm going to camp with Kostume Kult and have access to tons of stuff to wear, but a few extra hats can't hurt. I can always wear them once and pass them on for someone new to enjoy. That's the best way to share the fun.

My favorite part of the day occurred earlier in the afternoon before we boarded the ferry. A hand written sign alerted us to a road side orchard of ripe fruit. I pull over quickly to investigate the harvest. The man tells me that the peaches were just pulled from the tree moments earlier. Four dollars nets me a half dozen of the sweet treats.

The juice drips down the corner of my lips as I work my mouth around this tender delicacy. My tongue can sense a change in temperature from one side to the other. It's warmer on one half. Our life sustaining star has impressed itself upon the fuzzy face of my fresh and fruity friend. I can actually taste the sunshine! It doesn't get much better than this, does it?

What next?

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